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Best Sellers and Offers

  • Aquavoid Pre Wrapped 1m3 Soakaway Unit

    Aquavoid Pre Wrapped 1m3 Soakaway Unit

    Price: £236.00 (Plus VAT) As low as: £206.40


    The Ecomerchant readymade soakaway is a quick and easy, cost effective alternative to both the traditional gravel and perforated ring soakaway, offering significant cost savings over these two alternatives. Use several units to create larger structures. Ideal for new housing developments and retrofit. Designed to attenuate (store) surface water run off and help prevent local flooding. The soakaway is easily installed by creating a suitable excavation allowing for 0.5m of cover (0.75m in trafficked areas) and placing the unit on a flat sand bed, connecting up incoming pipes through a core drilled hole and backfilling accordingly. - See more at:

  • Ecomerchant Coir Mulchmat  (1.2 x 30m)

    Ecomerchant Coir Mulchmat (1.2 x 30m)

    Price: £194.01 (Plus VAT) As low as: £139.00

    Ecomerchant coir mulch-mat 100% natural & 100% biodegradable:  used when establishing new  plants or trees especially good on slopes , the mulch mats provide mulching, moisture control, non-chemical weed control, soil erosion protection and soil temperature balance in one . Ecomerchant coir mulch-mat is a biodegradable blanket with an upper layer of coir with two biodegradable foils underneath to prevent light penetration. The foils have off-set slits to allow water through. The mat is simply laid over the prepared earth and secured in place with Ecomerchant Ecopegs

  • Pro Clima Intello Plus internal breathable membrane

    Pro Clima Intello Plus 1.5m x 50m

    Price: £162.00 (Plus VAT)
    Voted best airtightness product in its category by Stiftung Warentest Intello Plus is a highly effective and unique product which intelligently senses and reacts to changes in vapour featuring humidity-variable diffusion resistance effective in all climate areas. No other product offers such performance.
  • Panelvent, vapour permeable sheathing board, sheathing board,

    Panelvent Structural Vapour Permeable Sheathing Board

    Price: £13.49 (Plus VAT) As low as: £12.97


    Panelvent vapour permeable sheathing board with tough durable racking strength and with excellent breathability, designed to be used outside or inside in timber frame construction in conjunction with airtightness membranes and tapes. Panelvent can be left exposed externally for up to 3 months.

    Size: 8.5mm X 2400mm X 1200mm each board weighs 27.6Kg there are 50 sheets per pallet

  • Argilus decorative clay plaster finish coat 25kg

    Argilus decorative clay plaster finish coat 25kg

    Price: £36.02 (Plus VAT)

    Free tools with any Argilus Clay Plaster order over £200 includes, stainless steel smoothing trowel, plastic applicators trowel and finishing sponge float.

    Offer applies to online and telephone sales for any of the Argilus product range.

  • Steico Top Loft Insulating Board 80mm

    Steico Top Loft Insulating Board 80mm

    Regular Price: £9.10

    Special Price: £7.30

    15% OFF SALE


    Need loft space for storage? don't want to compromise on insulation? With more and more of us needing to make our storage space work harder, upgrading your loft storage can be expensive and a real headache. Now with Steico Top a simple no fuss easy fit solution is available. No need to fix just lay flay and it's done. Steico Top loft insulation boards are designed to take light traffic which means that your bills come down without the loss of valuable, useable storage space. Perfect for DIY and healthy too, no itching or iritation

  • Steico Flex Wood Fibre High Performance Insulation Batt

    Steico Flex Wood Fibre Insulation 385 x 200mm

    Regular Price: £20.49

    Special Price: £16.40


  • Steico Underfloor

    Steico Underfloor

    Regular Price: £8.74

    Special Price: £7.43

    NOW 15% OFF


    An effective and easy to use acoustic and thermal insulating underlay for laminate flooring systems (including click fit) also ideal for parquet type floors.

    Steico underfloor is 5mm thick and comes in packs of 15 sheets which will cover 7m2

  • Steico Flex Wood Fibre High Performance Insulation Batt

    Steico Flex Wood Fibre Insulation 385 x 50mm

    Price: £25.01 (Plus VAT)