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Best Sellers and Offers

  • Vitaseal 600 Expanding Foam Tape for 10-18mm gaps - 25mm & 30mm widths

    Vitaseal 600 Expanding Foam Tape for 10-18mm gaps - 25mm & 30mm widths

    Regular Price: £17.73

    Special Price: £15.96

    NOW with an extra 10% off

    Best SellerWithout doubt a real winner: this top quality compression tape range from Vitaseal is hugely popular due to the extremely competitive pricing and superior performance

    We can cut any  tape to almost any width and legth on a 3 - 5 day delivery time please call for pricing.

    Vitaseal BBAVitaseal 600 is a BBA certified expanding foam tape used for sealing gaps around windows, and a wide range of other construction gaps 

    Vitaseal 600 expands to perfectly fill these voids with 600Pa minimum watertightness, airtightness, thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

  • Steico Flex Wood Fibre High Performance Insulation Batt

    Steico Flex Wood Fibre Insulation 575 x 100mm

    Price: £29.04 (Plus VAT)

    Steico Flex is a versatile and highly effective natural insulation material. Excellent thermal and acoustic insulating properties also fire resistant.Natural safe and easy to use no harmful ingredients, waste is recyclable and compostable.

    Buy on line or call 01793 847 444

  • Panelvent DHF Structural Vapour Permeable Sheathing Board

    Panelvent DHF Structural Vapour Permeable Sheathing Board

    Call for Pricing

    Panelvent DHF -  a vapour open, ultra-low formaldehyde, sheathing and racking board is proving a very popular successor to the previous Panelvent board - this is not surprising when you consider the key benefits

    • High Racking Strength
    • Vapour permeable
    • Ultra Low Formaldehyde Emissions
    • Durability under Class 1 and 2 conditions
    • Standard 1200 x 2400 sheet size
    • PEFC certification
    • CE Marked
    • Can be left exposed for up to 6 weeks
  • Pro Clima Solitex Plus

    Pro Clima Solitex Plus 1.5m x 50m

    Price: £157.00 (Plus VAT)

    Best Seller

    Solitex vapour permeable roof underlay

    Diffusion-Open vapour permeable membrane.


    • High Vapour Permeability,
    • Extreme Water tightness,
    • High Nail Tear Resistance
    • High thermo-stability,
    • Extreme resistance to wind driven pelting rain
    • Ultimate protection against condensation risk 

    The closed cell technology unique to Solitex Plus ensures that it has the best combination of extreme water-resistance, high breathability and outstanding physical strength. 

  • Pro Clima Tescon Vana Roll 60mm x 30m

    Pro Clima Tescon Vana Roll 60mm x 30m

    Price: £22.50 (Plus VAT)

    Best SellerA high tensile multi-purpose adhesive tape for airtight bonds

    This ever popular and versatile tape remains one of our all time best sellers,

    TESCON VANA is a high tensile strength, versatile multi-purpose adhesive tape for airtight bonds indoors and outdoors in accordance with DIN 4108, SIA 180 and ÖNorm B8110-2. used to form a secure and permanent seal of overlaps between foil and fleece membranes (vapour checks and airtightness membranes, roof underlays and wall membranes) and joins between such membranes and smooth, non-mineral surfaces.

  • Fermacell 12.5mm Square Edge 2400x1200mm Racking Board

    Fermacell 12.5mm Square Edge 2400x1200mm Racking Board

    Call for Pricing

    Best SellerFermacell is a breathable high strength racking board used for dry-lining walls, ceilings and floors. fermacell Gypsum Fibreboard has good fire retardant properties, and has high levels of acoustic insulation - Rw 43dB from a single layer partitions with no insulation.

    Fermacell Gypsum Fibreboards are made from recycled gypsum, recycled newspapers and water, mixed in a homogeneous mass and then cured. Fermacell boards are very strong and durable and radiators, kitchen cabinets and TV's can be fixed without any additional patressing or support. In some cases it is used as an alternative to brickwork,CP and sheathing boards due to its high performance.

  • Drainwave: Wave in a box - automatic drain cleansing

    Drainwave: Wave in a box - automatic drain cleansing

    Regular Price: £495.00

    Special Price: £346.00

    NewDrainwave is an inexpensive, neat and practical self cleansing way to keep drains clear with no power required, no chemicals and only one moving part. Drainwave simply uses existing waste water from sinks, showers, washing machines and combines it with black water from the toilet (each unit can accept waste from up to 6 toilets) which creates a surge through the pipe network to the main sewer line to clearing and transporting grit and debris as it goes helping keep drains clear and free of unwanted materials and minimising blockages.

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