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    Drainwave: Wave in a box - automatic drain cleansing


    Drainwave is an inexpensive, neat and practical self cleansing way to keep drains clear with no power required, no chemicals and only one moving part.  Drainwave simply uses existing waste water from sinks, showers, washing machines and combines it with black water from the toilet (each unit can accept waste from up to 6 toilets) which creates a surge through the pipe network to the main sewer line to clearing and transporting grit and debris as it goes helping keep drains clear and free of unwanted materials and minimising blockages.

    • Simple and easy to install
    • Only one moving part 
    • Virtually maintenance free
    • No special tools or skills required
    • 15 year manufacturer's guarantee.
    • Full WRC and Waterwise approval
    • Works especially well on low gradients and longer outfall runs

    Drainwave is also the perfect solution for septic tank and off grid treatment plants sub soil disposal pipes where runs may be longer and often where there is not enough fall Drainwave also solves the problem of continuous low outputs from treatment plants


    Watch the video on the product page 

    Price is per Unit (discounts are available for multiple purchases please call to find out more)

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