Pond Maintenance

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  1. Pondbrite Pond, Fidheries and Resvoir Cleaner 1

    Pondbrite Pond, Fisheries and Reservoir Cleaner

    A brilliant new pond cleaner

    Pondbrite's revolutionary and friendly formula rids your pond of unsightly green water problems to achieve sparkling water clarity. Anyone can use Pondbrite; no chemicals and no operator's licence or permit required.

    Price is per 1Kg

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  2. Aquaclean Pond Cleaner 1

    Aquaclean Pond Cleaner

    Clear algae from ponds and lakes... in days!

    Highly effective natural algae treatment. Removes blanket weed and blue green algae. Don't forget that as the temperature rises during the days of spring and summer that algae and blanket weed grow faster.


    Calculate your pond volume (Length x Width x Depth in metres will give you the volume in cubic metres) 1 cubic metre = 1000 litres.
    For every 5000 litres dose at 4-8 grammes.
    1 teaspoonful is approx 4 grammes

    The best selling natural pond algae control.

    See why our customers with algae problems return every year and have no more algae problems. Don't forget, anyone can use Aquaclean; no chemicals and no operator's licence or permit required.

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