Stormwater Management Attenuation & Soakaways

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  1. Ecomerchant AquaCrate Attenuation & Soak-away Crate 20 tonne to 50 tonnes loading capacity

    Ecomerchant AquaCrate Attenuation & Soak-away Crate 20 tonne to 50 tonnes loading capacity


    Ecomerchant Aquacrate water management system is made from100% recycled Polypropylene can be assembled to form large structures and is suitable for installations beneath drives and car parks. Ideal in amenity areas, for emergency access and other load bearing trafficked areas, Ecomerchant Aquacrate is able to take normal traffic loading

    Ecomerchant Aquacrate is designed for the storage (attenuation) of stormwater in both attenuation and infiltration schemes. Buried 0.5m below the surface connections of any diameter can be made to the system. Ecomerchant Aquacrate is a geocellular high-quality synthetic rectangular box. The standard loading capacity of 400 kN/m2 is sufficient for most situations.

    Each crate is 1,000mm(W) x 1,000mm(L) x 400mm (H)

    There are 6 crates per pallet which equates to 2.4m3 per pallet each crate has a storage capacity of 400 litres (95.5% void ratio).

    Price is per crate

    For ultimate peace of mind call us for an installed price - our approved installers can install anywhere in the UK:  price includes all materials, delivery, installation, on site testing and Certificate of Conformity. 

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  2. Ecomerchant FirmGround Reinforced Grass/Gravel Paver Range

    Ecomerchant FirmGround Reinforced Grass/Gravel Paver Range

    A range of simple easy to use reinforcing load bearing intelocking pavers to retain gravel or grass providing active drainage: made from recycled high density polyethylene.

    Ecomerchant FirmGround gravel/grass paver is a modular unit which works in conjunction with its neighbouring units to create an exceptionally durable, permanently porous, high load bearing structure. Infilled with either grass or gravel the installed system recreates a nautural looking surface but can withstand traffic and pedestrians whilst providing active drainage and helping to prevent waterlogging.

    Available in three strengths

    1. FirmGround 39 - for footpaths, occassional or infrequent use by lighter vehicles
    2. FirmGround 45 - for car parks, access roads cars, vans and occasional lorry traffic
    3. FirmGround 70 - for HGV access and high loadings

    Available in black

    Ecomerchant FirmGround is a key product within a sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS), whereby the porous paving effects the efficient attenuation, infiltration and treatment of stormwater run-off at or near its source. It is also an ideal product for grass and gravel reinforcement. 

    Price is per m2 (there are 4 pavers per m2)

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