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    Bentotex Geosynthetic Clay Liner


    Not available to buy online due to roll size, so call us for a delivery quote and to buy.

    When you need an impermeable liner for Ponds, Lakes, Wetlands, Containment lagoons or Canals Bentotex Geosynthetic Clay Liner provides the ideal solution:

    •    Self-sealing – the clay liner expands around the puncture.
    •    Quick to install - no welding or tapes.
    •    No specialist knowledge needed for installation.
    •    provides a better hydraulic performance than a metre of compacted clay.

    A reinforced needle punched geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) consisting of naturally occurring sodium bentonite clay held in a sandwich between a non-woven and a woven geotextile. The geotextiles are then needle punched together through the intermediate bentonite layer, securing it in place and reinforcing the otherwise weak layer of clay. When fully hydrated at an average thickness of 10 mm, Bentotex GCL100 provides the same permeability as a full metre of compacted clay allowing the product to withstand shear stresses much better than other unreinforced GCL’s.

    Material: Polypropylene geotextile. Bentonite core.

    Thickness: 6 mm.

    Colour: Grey.

    Roll size (w x l): 5 x 40 m.

    Roll weight (kg): 1220

    On site mechanical offload and handling equipment must be provided for application of this product.

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