Airtightness Adhesives , glues & Primers

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  1. Pro Clima Orcon F 4

    Pro Clima Orcon F Multi Purpose Adhesive 310ml


    Multi-purpose flexible joint adhesive for indoor and outdoor application

    ORCON F has exceptionally high cohesion while also being elastic. Suitable for bonding all of the pro clima vapour checks and air-proofing membranes, additionally PE/PA/PP and aluminium foils to other building materials regardless of smooth, rough or smooth stony surface.

    Unstable or crumbling surfaces either need to be removed or sanded and stabilised using RP primer .

    Cartridge size: 310ml. Price is per cartridge

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  2. Pro Clima Tescon Primer RP

    Pro Clima Tescon Primer RP - 1000ml


    Tescon primer RP is a priming coat suitable for use on wood, woodfibre boards, block structure, roof structure, walls and concrete floors. Tescon primer RP is recommended for the preparation of the surface for the application of pro clima tapes such as Tescon Vana No 1Tescon Invis and Tescon Profil, as well as the adhesive compound Orcon F

    Price is for single 1000ml bottle

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  3. Ecocoll Natural Glue / Adhesive for Airtight Sealing of DB+ Membrane

    Ecocoll Natural Glue / Adhesive for Airtight Sealing of DB+ Membrane


    ECO COLL is a natural glue adhesive used in conjunction with DB+ to create a ‘natural’ airtightness layer. This product is solely for use with DB+ and should not be used with INTELLO or INTELLO PLUS.

    Price is per 310ml cartridge

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  4. Pro Clima Glumex 1

    Pro Clima Glumex Glue Removing Agent Made From Natural Orange Terpene Oil, Alcohol And Castor Oil x 400ml


    Glumex is made from natural solvents and oils, it dissolves adhesive residues from adhesive tapes and acrylate copolymers. Highly effective within minutes, pleasan fragrance, can be diluted with water. Also for removing stains such as oil spots, tar and shoe polish.

    Apply pro clima Glumex with a soft cloth to the surface to be cleaned and gently rub it in. After just a few minutes the contaminant can be seen coming away from the surface. The contamination can then be rubbed off using a rough material (e.g. steel wool or a brush). If any residues remain the process can be repeated. Test a non-visible area of the surface first for resistance.


    • Naturally and gently removes even heavy contamination on all kinds of surfaces such as wood, plastic, ceramics, chrome and glass.
    • Removes contamination including adhesive tape residues, contamination caused by the use of pro clima joint adhesives Ecocoll, Orcon F plus a great variety of other contaminants which requires the use of solvents

    Supplied in 400ml cannisters

    Price is per cannister

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