Blowerproof Liquid Airtightness System

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Blowerproof Liquid is a paint-on, roller-on or spray applied airtight coating that forms a permanent continuous airtight seal on any surface.

All the products are derived from the same formula, the brush applied membrane is fibre reinforced whch allows greater gap bridging up to 5mm. The roller and  spray versions do not contain fibres so can only bridge gaps up to 2mm, but are perfect for rapid application to larger areas.The brush version is typically used to seal penetrations, connections, window jambs and difficult to treat applications and as a preparatory treatment before spray or roller applications for larger areas.

Blowerproof is a unique and simple way to provide a permanent secure and flexible seal between a wide range of substrates with no primers or adhesives required. Available as a 5Kg tub, 2.5kg handy pack or in a convenient 300g cartridge. This versatile product is a must for any building project where reducing air leakage is desired. Simple, clean and easy to use keeping a tub of this on site means you never miss an opportunity to seal up gaps just when you need to.

The default colour for Blowerproof is blue curing to black clearly indicating when the membrane is cured, there is a white version for use under plaster. Blowerproof can be overplastered or painted once cured.


A liquid applied airtightness membrane, VOC free, available as spray and brush versions for a wide range of substrates, perfect for difficult to treat connections and penetrations
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