Biological Toilet Cistern Blocks

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  1. Concentrated Eco Friendly Toilet Cleaner 1

    Concentrated eco friendly toilet cleaner from Fragile Earth

    Environmentally Friendly Toilet Cleaner

    A safe alternative to bleach for removing limescale from the loo and will leave it sparkling clean and hygienic. Non fuming and non corrosive. Simply add 100ml to 400ml of water and spray around the toilet bowl. Don't forget that because our toilet cleaner is diluted with water it is extremely economical. Compared to other products like Bio D, Ecozone or Ecoleaf, which typically cost more than £2 per litre, our toilet cleaner is great value at 88p per litre. As it is concentrated the container is so much smaller, and because you simply use our refillable trigger spray it makes this a truly environmentally friendly product.

    Price is per 500ml bottle


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