• Best selling breatheable racking board is withdrawn from sale

    The last Panelvent board was sold on Thursday the 25th September - this week - so now Panelvent® one of the best known performance breathable racking boards has finally been withdrawn from sale in the UK. The board was a best seller, a popular and proven way to achieve high racking strength and breatheabitliy in timber frame construction.
  • Create a beautiful green roof in an instant

    EM Green RoofCreate a beautiful green roof in an instant with our new pre-planted sedum trays. The patented foam trays attenuate and store water whilst allowing the plant's roots to penetrate so by the time the pre-sown trays get to you the 6 varieties of sedum are well established and ready to flourish on your roof.
  • Myth, mystery and how a ubiquitous industry standard confuses us all

    Internal wall insulation is often the most practical method of retrofitting insulation to a house, but often choosing a solution can be difficult and confusing especially in older buildings with solid walls, listed buildings or those of ’breathable’ construction. Firstly, what are the technical implications? should you use a vapour barrier or stick with a breathable system? And will your building control officer or mortgage provider insist on installing plastic membranes “to keep the wall dry”?
  • Are you getting too many hot sticky nights?

    Now I hope you already know where this is going……......... in the caravan, as soon as the outside cladding starts to heat up, heat output is recorded within minutes on the inside face as some heat quickly transfers through the aluminium / lightweight insulation composite; whereas as the face of the stone wall heats up, the heat is absorbed by the stone as it progresses slowly from the outside to be delivered from the inside surface several hours later.
  • 100% Pure Sheeps Wool Insulation

    We are really pleased to introduce an established and proven provider of natural sheep wool insulation into the UK. The Sheepwool range carries the Nature Plus Seal a respected and coveted acknowledgement of its green credentials.
  • How to get a grip of your build costs

    Recently we compiled a list of the top 5 things that keep self-builders awake at night. We did this by asking our customers to list their most pressing concerns from which we created the top 5. Unsurprisingly almost all those asked came up with the same concerns…..they were
  • Getting plastered French style

    Used throughout the Mediterranean countries this warm and inviting clay plaster is one many will recognise from their holidays in the south of France.
  • Pro Clima replace Solitex wall membrane

    Pro Clima, the award winning manufacturer of airtightness membranes tapes and accessories, has withdrawn its bestselling membrane Solitex WA and replaced it with an improved and upgraded version called Solitex Fronta WA.
  • 90 day sale or return on all Pro Clima airtightness products

    We know how tight the budget can be on a self build project. How can we help?
  • The top 5 things that keep self-builders awake at night?

    More specifically, what keeps you awake at night? Let’s face it, when we’re caught up in our own building projects, we find it hard to think of anything else… It is natural to feel anxious and we all worry about different things but think that our top 5 will probably sound familiar:

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