Switch and save with the UK’s only 100% renewable power provider

Switch and save with the UK’s only 100% renewable power provider

A fantastic opportunity to save money on your energy bills

Ecomerchant are proud to be in partnership with the award winning renewable energy supplier Good Energy, the only UK energy supplier whose electricity comes 100 % from certified renewables like sunshine, wind and rain. Good Energy supports a growing community of over 55,000 independent renewable generators across the country who are making the most of the natural elements around them.

Check out the Good Energy tariffs they’re normally cheaper than the Big Six’s standard tariffs and now you can fix your prices for

Switch to Good Energy by clicking on the link on our homepage

Good Energy have award-winning customer care and have come top of the Which? Customer satisfaction survey for the second year running.

Switching is simple just click the link on our homepage and Good Energy will give you £25 off your first bill. Choosing Good Energy doesn’t mean a new meter, or someone coming round to rewire your home it just means spending less than five minutes filling in a simple on line form. You can even compare before you switch with their handy instant price checker.

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