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  1. Thermofloc Loose Fill Cellulose Insulation 12kg

    Thermofloc Loose Fill Cellulose Insulation 12kg


    100% recycled newspaper celloluse insulation

    Replaces Warmcel 100 - similar specification, cheaper price.

    Thermofloc is a loose cellulose insulation made from recycled newspaper combined with a mineral fire retardant that offers a sustainable and cost effective way to insulate horizontal surfaces such as lofts or floors.

    Thermofloc is an excellent replacement for Warmcel 100. With an installed density of 40kg/m3 Thermofloc has a high thermal performance and also helps with sound reduction.

    Thermofloc is available in 12kg bags and the material is simply broken up into a light fluffy consistency and spread evenly to achieve the desired thickness. No protective clothing is required to install, but we recommend wearing a dust mask in confined spaces.


    Price is per 12kg bag - 25 bags per pallet

    Allow 4kg per m2 per 100mm depth

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