Steico Flex Wood Fibre Insulation Batts (575mm Wide)

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Quick Overview

  Steico Flex is an eco friendly wood fibre insulation product. Steico Flex is one of the best insulations available from stock within the environmentally friendly range for a wide variety of uses such as insulation in roofs or attic insulation, partition walls, services zones, dry wall and ceiling construction. 

Steico Flex is available in 5 different thicknesses 140mm, 100mm, 80mm, 50mm and 40mm (60mm is available but it is not a stocked product and only available in full pallets, call us to order)

For all thicknesses the same overall dimensions of 1220mm x 575mm apply

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Steico Flex is a versatile eco friendly insulation batt suitable for insulating lofts,floors, walls, ceilings, partition walls, service zones, dry walling providing both thermal and acoustic insulation Steicoflex  has a declared thermal conductivity - k of 0.038 W/mK

Why use Steico Flex?

  • Eco friendly
  • Versatile
  • Excellent insulation properties in winter and summer
  • Water vapour open for a healthy indoor climate
  • Climate regulating with a high sorption capacity
  • Reduces thermal bridges
  • Classified as non irritant - see Environment below
  • Easily cut and handled
  • Semi rigid for ease of installation – friction fit
  • Ecologically and environmentally accredited FSC® certified
  • Recyclable.


  • Steico Flex is a fairly solid insulation that has good compression resistance with little reduction of thickness over time
  • Steico Flex is a flexible product. Cut slightly over size and flex the product into the gap to fit adjoining components. The property of this high density insulation means that it can be used as ceiling insulation and can be installed from underneath without having to fixed into place with nails or staples.
  • Thermal bridges are prevented
  • Due to the properties of Steico Flex, it has excellent insulation properties in winter and summer (keeps warmth in during the winter and sun heat out during the summer)
  • Steico Flex eco-friendly products are water vapour open for a healthy room environment
  • Helps to regulate the indoor climate
  • Provides a green architectural solution
  • Easy to handle
  • Ecological and environmentally-friendly, recyclable, wood supplied from sustainable sources
  • Eminently suitable for DIY insulation purposes and eco-friendly homes


Thickness mm

Dimensions mm

Coverage per pack in m2

Weight per pack (kg)

Pcs per Pack

Maximum Packs/Pallet


1220 x 575






1220 x 575





60 (full pallets only)

1220 x 575






1220 x 575






1220 x 575






1220 x 575






Steico Flex Characteristic Values 

Produced and supervised according to EN 13171

Board designation

WF – EN 13171 – T2 – TR1 – AF5

Fire class according to EN 13501-1


Declared thermal conductivity λD [ W / ( m * K )]


Declared thermal resistance RD [( m2 * K ) / W]

0,50 / 0,75/1,05 / 1,30 / 1,55 / 2,10 /

2,60 / 3,15 / 3,65 / 4,20 / 4,70 / 5,25 /

5,75 / 6,30

Density [kg / m3]


Water vapour diffusion resistance factor μ


Specific heat capacity c [J / (kg * K)]


Declared level of airflow resistance [( kPa*s ) / m2]

≥ 5

Raw material

wood fibres, polyolefin fibres,

ammonium phosphate

Waste code (EAK)

030105 / 170201


*Steico Flex has not been tested for sound absorption but customer feedback shows that it does act as a very good sound insulation. This is because sound travels in straight lines. As Steico Flex heat insulation batts are made with wood fibre insulation of various strand sizes, when sound enters the batt, it bounces around between the different size strands, thereby reducing the amount of sound coming out the far side.



The raw materials for Steico Flex come from thinning’s and saw mill residues which are all locally sourced to the factory where the products are made. No conventional formaldehyde or PMDI binders are used in the production of any Steico wood fibre insulating materials. This means that Steico Flex falls far below the minimum value of 0.1parts per million for formaldehyde emissions required by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Through accreditation and monitoring all Steico products are certified as emission free and non-hazardous.


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