Steico Top Loft Insulating Board 100mm (Pallet)

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About the easiest, safest and most effective loft insulation board on the market. No chemicals, does not irritate the skin, recyclable, vapour open and thermally efficient, Steico Top insulates and allows storage and light footfall once installed.

FACT Installing 100mm of Steico Top over a standard loft board (non- insulating) will offer improvements of over 80% in the insulating capacity of the roof. This will SAVE YOU MONEY

Steico Top is a stable eco friendly rigid thermal board that is suitable for light footfall, when laid on top of loft boards. 100mm in depth and laid one of top of another with a staggered joint, this system allows for the recommended government depth of insulation of a minimum of 300mm.

Board measures 100mm x 1200mm x 400mm each board weighs 6.7 kgs and covers 0.48mat 14kgs per m2 there are 22 boards per pallet. Each full pallet covers 10.56m2

Price is per Pallet of 22 boards

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Ever wanted a natural insulation in the loft space but also want to be able to use the loft for storage? Well, now you can. And SAVE MONEY

Many houses have been designed with accessible, but not used, attic spaces. Many are used for storage but this normally means that the area where the goods are held is not insulated. Steico Top is the answer to wanting attic insulation but still being able to utilise the space for storage. Loft insulation is critical to retaining warmth in the home, to reduce heating bills and Steico Top is the answer for anyone that wants  a quick and easy answer to loft storage problems.

Some people think that they can squash their types of insulation down with ply and stack on top. After all, it is the same product, just squashed out so it should be the same job, right?   Wrong, this will not work. Most loft insulation works on air being trapped within the fibres to act as the insulator. If you squash most fibre insulation batts or rolls  then you push out the air that is required to keep the heat in. Steico Top solves this problem by being a wood based natural insulator with air pockets between the wood strands that can not be compressed by walking on them.

Steico Top is a stable eco friendly rigid thermal board that is suitable for light footfall, when laid on top of loft boards. 100mm in depth and laid one of top of another with a staggered joint, combined with fully infilling between the joists to a minimum of 100mm, this system allows for the recommended government depth of insulation of a minimum of 300mm. When used with 100mm thermal insulation Steico Flex at the edges (which is easier to cut and mitre around roof trusses), the whole loft can be filled with a breathable system of insulation that can be used for storage.

  1. Steico Top boards are light weight (5.5kg) and due to their size of 1200 x 400mm, can be easily fit through most loft hatches.
  2. These woodfibre boards are made from timber harvested from sustainable forests.
  3. Steico Top gives effective storage space with good loft insulation values achieved
  4. Steico Top is quick and easy to lay, using conventional tools
  5. Steico Top is highly permeable and is suitable when matched with a variety of similar eco friendly products
  6. Steico Top is the ideal eco friendly loft insulation answer for attic storage with light footfall
  7. Steico Top has a high surface resistance due to it special surface finish
  8. Steico Top is an environmentally friendly insulation and is recyclable
  9. Steico Top has outstanding insulating properties against the cold and over-heating

Steico Top is available in one size.

Thickness mm

Dimensions mm

Weight kg per m2

Sheets per pallet



1200 x 400




In older properties there are likely to be variations in ceiling / attic constructions including odd sized joists, uneven spacing’s and irregular gaps often around chimney breasts.  Combined with lath and plaster ceilings and lime mortar for the masonry, insulating these loft spaces can be a real problem.

By using loose fill insulation an over board and Steico Top most problem spaces can be insulated to current standards, be breathable and compatible with most building types but best of all, remain useable for storage and access.

There are many factors to consider when insulating your loft, including making time to do the job, the potentially hazardous and uncomfortable work of removing old mineral wool insulation and the hassle of moving stored things elsewhere, but please remember that once completed this will save you money. Some insulation is always better than none but the first layer will always do most of the work. If you do only one thing to a poorly (or non-insulated loft) it would be to install Steico Top and start saving now.

Standard Installation:

Single layer of Steico Top

The first 100 mm of insulation is the most critical in terms of energy savings. If there is a sub-deck already laid onto the joists, then Steico Top can be laid directly onto it. The especially hardened surface of Steico Top means it can be successfully used for direct storage and light footfall.


Install loose fill insulation between the ceiling joists.

Steico Zell is a granulated wood fibre that was developed to be blown into spaces but is simple and straightforward to use as a DIY product. The 15kg bags can be laid by hand before being covered with a loft board to give a firm surface. Next the Steico Top can be loose laid to complete the surface.

Edge with Steico Flex.

At roof edges, hard to reach spaces and odd shaped gaps use Steico Flex flexible batts. These batts can be easily cut to any size and friction fitted to close gaps. This ensures complete coverage of any space.

Install 2 layers of Steico Top Improved ‘U’ Value

To improve insulation even more, two layers of Steico Top can be laid on top of each other (staggering the joints between the layers). With 2 layers of 100 mm Steico Top a ‘u’ value of 0.23 W/(m2*K) can be achieved.

Combine Steico Therm with Steico Top

For optimum performance it is possible to combine Steico Top with Steico Therm to an overall thickness of 300mm to achieve a ‘u’ value of 0.18 W/(m2*K).

Not sure this is the right product for you? Want to know more? Please feel free to ring our knowledgeable team on 0845 603 5688 or email your enquiry to

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