Airtightness Tapes

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A comprehensive range of breathable tapes for all locations around the shell of a building including grommets and specialist tapes used at the junction between plastered walls and the timber frame. Air tightness adhesives complement the range of air tightness products and are used at junctions between different materials and to bond membranes to masonry. Primers are used to prime wood fibre boards to improve the adhesion of air tightness tapes.

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  1. Pro Clima DA-S 1

    Pro Clima DA-S Airtight Vapour Check Sealing Strip 210mm x 100m


    An extra wide vapour check and airtight sealing strip with a robust polypropylene protection fleece for floor to wall and floor to ceiling junctions.

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  2. Pro Clima Extoseal Magov

    Pro Clima Extoseal Magov Butyl airtight tape for sealing penetrations 60mm x 10m


    Extoseal Magov is a highly flexible airtight Butyl tape suitable for sealing of penetrations in airtight and windtight barriers. Ideal for ensuring airtightness around services and also around penetrating structural members. The tape can be easily moulded and worked around areas such as joist ends to wall junctions while maintaining a robust airtight connection.


    • Perfect for sealing penetrations due to its strong Butyl rubber layer and elastic carrier film with low restoring forces
    • Protects from air leakage even when stretched
    • Protects structural elements from water ingress: watertight and blocks rising damp
    • Creates a secure bond: Butyl rubber penetrates deep into substrate
    • Bonds to mineral substrates

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