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We stock a large and complete range of natural insulation products for almost every conceivable application, in ground, walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, external and internal systems plus a wide range of acosutic products. Browse the categories below to see the products where you will find plenty of information on pricing, delivery, application and use, technical data sheets, installation guidance and more. To view the downloads click on the "Technical Info" tab in the product page;  any questions please call.

Natural - healthy - ethical.  The case for Natural insulation

The Ecomerchant vision is to lead the move to low carbon living through sustainable construction, energy efficiency, and the elimination of waste and pollution to reduce our environmental impact. We will deliver change in a straightforward understandable way, to sponsor a permanent long term behavioural shift in our attitude to how we live.

What kind of Insulation you use contributes to meeting this vision in two broad ways, first what it is made of – does it impact on the environment or your health in a negative way and second does it reduce or eliminate the need for fossil based fuels to heat.

The UK home insulation market alone is huge worth over  £800 million of this a staggeringly small amount is made up of natural insulation products– probably less than 1%.

Figures are hard to come by but there is one common factor across the market, natural insulation products are growing their market share. For a while the manufacturers of synthetic insulation focused on embodied energy as their meter for comparison but the overall benefits of natural insulation products cannot be ignored. Most of the market growth is driven by customers wanting healthier products that function on a number of levels and compliment the higher performance levels that are being designed into modern buildings and into refurbishing existing properties. Terms such as breathable and airtight have created awareness that natural products have multiple and consequential benefits plus they do not degrade or pollute the environment.

Our commitment to you is to only sell natural insulation products.

How we can save you money We are the only supplier of Steico insulation products to sell by the individual board or pack meaning we can keep unnecessary waste to a minimum. All our Steico products are priced individually by the board or pack (for Flex), buying online couldnt be easier, just one click and the goods are on thier way, just when you need them and no need to waste or store any surplus.

 Why choose natural insulation below some of the main benefits which go far beyond just keeping the heat in.

  • When used appropriately, natural fibre insulation materials can deliver thermal and acoustic insulation comparable to other insulation materials
  • They have a lower or potentially negative carbon footprint
  • Fewer health issues during installation they do not present a problem for eyes skin or respiratory system.
  • Low to zero toxins, easy to reuse and give  significant health benefits throughout life cycle
  • Offers some thermal mass
  • They can also assist in regulating relative humidity, and can provide a vapour permeable system when used as part of a vapour permeable system they can reduce the risk of moisture build-up and consequent moulds and bacterial activity which can be injurious to health
  • Natural fibre insulation materials are also comparatively more robust in handling than synthetic products.
  • Natural fibre insulation off-cuts do not require specialist waste streams and typically can be composted so avoid unnecessary landfill.
  • Natural fibre insulation tends to have very good hygroscopic qualities but variable capillary qualities, and are all vapour-open. Vapour permeable systems are particularly useful where the building is vulnerable to moisture decay this would be the case for timber frame, timber roofs, lightweight steel construction and older buildings often made from traditional materials.

How we help you

Every home and every installation will be different but the methodology for calculating how much insulation how it will perform and what type you need is a well-trodden path for our experts. If you are unsure or need a hand figuring out what you want, just call us and ask for help. This is what we do day in day out. Our manufacturer partners and our team will always be able to help you to work out what is the best available option for your particular job.

If you know what you need then why not buy online you can shop when you want, all our products are delivered direct to you  from stock.

If you need help please call and ask, we are here to help just call 01793 847 444 or email  and we will do the work for you.

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  1. CSK Insulation fixing screws 1

    CSK Insulation fixing screws (for wood)

    Regular Price: £19.69

    Special Price £6.30

    High quality fixings designed to go into wood and stud work.

    To be used with 60mm hinge capped insulation retaining washer. To be used with woodfibre boards from 60mm - 240mm thick.

    Price is per box of 200 (fixings over 150mm long are 100 per box)

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  2. 100% Pure Sheeps Wool Insulation Premium

    100% Pure Sheeps Wool Insulation Premium


    100% Sheepwool Premium insulation is a dense high performance insulating material with a raw density of 20 kg/m3 and a Thermal Conductivity of 0,0385 W/m2K.

    Price is per pack

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  3. Marmox Thermoblock 1

    Marmox Thermoblock, Load Bearing Thermal Insulation Block (Pack)


    A load bearing thermal insulation block which eliminates the cold bridge at the wall/floor junction.  Thermoblock BBA

    Marmox Thermoblock is a highly insulating, load-bearing building block that replaces the bottom course of blocks or bricks in a wall to eliminate or significantly reduce the thermal bridge at the wall floor junction.  Made of a strong and rigid epoxy-concrete frame that is integrated with our own fire-resistant XPS that gives the outstanding thermal insulation providing y values of between 0.03 to 0.07W/mK. 

    Although Thermoblocks are lightweight they are extremely strong and stable having a mean compressive strength of 9.0N/mm2 so can be used in most walls.  Additionally, because they are impermeable to water they can be used in damp conditions without any deterioration in their insulating properties so, not only does Thermoblock reduce thermal bridging, but it also creates a moisture barrier.  


    • Mean compressive strength >9N
    • Thermally more effective than enhanced construction designs
    • Compatible with all block types, bricks and timber frames
    • Creates a permanent waterproof barrier


    • Eliminates cold bridging at the wall / floor junction.
    • Eliminates the cold bridge under parapets.
    • Assists in achieving CfSH levels 4, 5, 6 and Passivhaus.
    • Ensures continuous fabric insulation.

    Price is per pack and is inclusive of carriage

    Thermoblock 100 x 600 x 65  (pack of 18) 20 packs on a pallet – 10.8 linear metres per pack

    Thermoblock 140 x 600 x 65  (Pack of 12) 20 packs on a pallet – 7.2 linear metres per pack

    NB Joint and seal with Marmox Multibond  Allow 1 tube per 40 blocks or ½ a tube per pack

    NEW SPECIFICATION downloads added click on the 'TECHNICAL INFO' tab below

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  4. Marmox Multibond 3

    Marmox Multibond Adhesive/ Sealant (Zero VOC) 300ml


    Creates a permanent waterproof barrier, for use with Marmox Thermoblock.  The only sealant available on the market that is completely VOC free.

    Marmox Multibond is a premium sealant-adhesive.  It is made in the UK using the latest environmentally friendly technology to create a 100% solvent free material with absolutely zero VOC’s.

    It is possibly the 'greenest' sealant-adhesive available having no hazardous, environmental or ecological impact.  Unlike other mastics, if it gets on your hands or even clothes it can be washed away with just water without leaving a mark.  Similarly it does not stain stone or ceramic tiling like conventional sealant-adhesives do.  Once Multibond sets it becomes incredibly strong and fully waterproof.

    Being completely solvent free, it is compatible with virtually all materials.  Marmox Multibond is the all-in-one super solution that replaces all your tubes of silicone, acrylic and PU.  It also has acoustic properties so it not only bonds acoustic boards to the floor but also reduces the transmission of impact sound.

    It is also ideal for sealing around shower trays and baths, around bathroom fittings, around kitchen fittings and furniture and also as a grab adhesive.  Because the material is made using a different technology to silicones, acrylics and MS-Polymers, there is no latent chemical process happening within the material that can cause it to discolour; Multibond cannot discolour - it will always stay brilliant white.


    • Visco elastic (allows for movement)
    • Provides Acoustic Insulation
    • Can not discolour - stays white
    • Can apply to moist surfaces
    • Completely Solvent free
    • Eco friendly
    • Fire rated (4 hours)
    • Very high bond strength


    • Sealing Marmox Thermoblock
    • Waterproofing and Bonding
    • Compatible with Polystyrene, Ceramics, Masonry, Wood, Plaster, Plastics, Stone, Metals, even Bitumen!

    When used with Marmox Thermoblock allow 1/2 tube per pack or 1 tube per 40 blocks

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  5. Baumit MC55 Base/Top Coat Plaster/Render, natural white, fibre reinforced mineral  based mortar 25Kg

    Baumit MC55 Base/Top Coat Plaster/Render, natural white, fibre reinforced mineral based mortar 25Kg

    Baumit MC55 W is a highly versatile easy to use, natural white, fibre reinforced mineral based mortar.

    This versatile product and its natruallly sticky nature means that it has excellent adhesion properties on a wide range of substrates and can be used as a base coat for renders, as a reinforcing coat with fibreglass mesh (Baumit Startex),as an adhesive for keying wood fibre boards, as a topcoat finish render or as a remediating topcoat over existing mineral, synthetic or resin based plasters or paintwork. 

    Baumit MC55 W can also be used to prepare smooth concrete, mineral and synthetic renders and some painted surfaces to receive a render.

    When Baumit MultiContact MC 55 W is used as a topcoat finish it must receive a suitable water resistant paint such as Baumit NanoporColour.

    Baumit MC55 W is best mixed, using clean tap water, with a plaster whisk to a smooth lump free consistency or it can be spray applied.

    Yield: 8 m2 at 3 mm  or 5m2 at 5mm or 2.5m2 at 10mm thickness approx. Consumption: 1.0 kg/m2 approx.

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