Natural Paints and Finishes

The one thing that a paint or finish needs to do is work, this should be the case with all paints and stains but often inferior or cheaper products fail, equally the wrong choice of product can also fail. We have worked with a number of globally recognised manufacturers to offer a compact range of proven performance paints, stains and associated products all designed and tested to give superior protection without chemical,toxic or unwelcome ingredients.

Many of these products are suitable for those with intolerances or allergies. Our products do not contain VOC's or substances harmful to human health

Our manufacturers:


Livos were the world’s first manufacturer of commercial natural paints; Livos manufacture natural paints, oils, varnishes, maintenance and cleaning products.  Livos impose strict environmental, ecological and sustainable criteria on everything they do, their products are healthy, environmentally friendly and made from natural and renewable raw materials – good for you, good for the environment, good for the climate.

Over 30 years of research, experience and innovation makes Livos the oldest continuous industrial manufacturer of ecological paints and oils worldwide. Made without harmful chemicals, Livos products contain only biologically and environmentally responsible ingredients, grown without the use of pesticides. Livos products are never tested on animals. Livos use pure and odourless raw materials

A full declaration (declaration of all ingredients) is a Livos standard since 1984. This full transparency towards customers made Livos a pioneer in the paint industry.  The Full Declaration is part of the Livos holistic approach, in particular for people with allergies but also simply for good health.

Livos also produce a wide range of their products in their ‘Neutral’ range designed for the chemically sensitised and allergic.


Livos Classic Range:

  • interior wood
  • exterior wood
  • metal
  • plaster
  • walls (all types)
  • cleaning and care

 Livos Neutral – for the allergic or chemically sensitive:

  • Solid wood, floors and furniture
  • Cabinet interiors
  • Stone
  • Mineral surfaces


Corical is made by Arte Constructo which was started in 1989, since then the company has built up a large expertise in the use of lime in construction; the product range includes the development of darker pigments always considered an issue with lime based (or natural) paints. Now the range included dark hues of umber, red, green and even blue these are additions to the lighter and more pastel finishes. The Corical range is truly versatile for use inside and out.

Arte Constructo have a well defined and environmentally sound approach for over a decade they have used the term bio-ecological architecture to describe a way of understanding the built environment which makes everyone aware of the need to protect a healthy and viable planet for future generations, their approach to natural, recyclable and low polluting materials has been mainly targeted at specifiers and architects.

 In line with  National and Community legislation, Arte Constructo have led the way implementing strict quality controls well within these environmental parameters both in the production cycle and in the products themselves, minimising harmful effects whilst ensuring the maximum level of recycling.


  • Exterior render / masonry / brick
  • Interior plaster / masonry / brick


Founded in 1894, by Ludwig Beek have been involved in the production of pure active silicification mineral paints based on water and glass, the breakthrough formulation was to create a paint with an inseparable bond between the coating and micro porous substrate, Ludwig Beek achieved this with a pure crystalline finish mineral paint system suited to historic buildings for both interior and exterior use. The original formula is still used today in the manufacture of Beek Pure Crystalline Finish Mineral Paint a highly durable, UV stable yet breathable paint available in a wide range of colours

Beeks has stood for top quality lime and soluble water paints suited for use on historical building materials for more than 120 years. Proven on critical substrates of listed buildings, on which synthetic resin bonded systems frequently fail.

The capillary-active coatings have ideal open porosity, and are therefore extremely valuable in building physics terms. Thanks to silicification (The act or process of combining or impregnating with silicon or silica; the state of being so combined or impregnated, hardening and bonding to you and me!) they form an inseparable mineral unit with the render or plaster substrate, they do not tend to flake and crucially do not form a vapour-tight  high-tension outer skin. This open porosity is a key component of any structure designed to breathe. The high alkalinity of the coatings has a mould resistant and anti bacterial effect. Beek paints are pure mineral paints that only contain natural ingredients. They are free from synthetic solvents, plasticisers and biocides.


  • Exterior render / masonry any mineral surface
  • Internal plaster / any mineral surface 

St Astier

In 1833 Louis Vicat, still considered today one of the greatest authorities in hydraulic limes, surveyed the limestone quarries at St. Astier situated in the Perigord area of Dordogne where archaeological evidence shows that lime was produced in Roman times. Vicat concluded that the material was appropriate for the production of natural hydraulic lime. Industrial production begun in 1851. Today, St. Astier's production capacity is over 100.000 tons per year.

The deposits extend between Montaceix and Neuvic sur l'Isle (approx. 10 km) and the layer is over one hundred meters thick. It was formed during the Upper Cretaceous period (approx. 75 million years ago) by marine sediment (mostly crustacean and corals). The sea in the basin was not subject to severe currents and this allowed the formation of a uniform and undisturbed layer of calcareous rock infiltrated mainly by silica with only insignificant traces of other elements. This characteristic of the rock is unique in Europe and is the reason why the St. Astier products are so reliable.

The composition of this calcareous rock infiltrated mostly by silica makes all the difference between producing materials with constant characteristics or being unsure of the final qualities as is commonly experienced when argillaceous or less pure limestone deposits are exploited

St Astier Natural Hydraulic Limes (NHL) and derivative products have been produced by the same families since 1851. The mineralogical characteristics of the raw materials, the manufacturing process and the quality controls are such that users are assured of the constant performance of the products


  • Exterior render / masonry
  • Interior plaster / masonry / brick
  • gypsum plasters / plasterboard
  • Cement board
  • Lining paper
  • Untreated timber

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    Livos Guides & General Information Downloads


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    To view the library of Livos guides, technical information, usage guides, toxicology reports and other useful and related product information please click on the 'TECHNICAL INFO' tab below.

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  2. Baumit DivinaReneo one coat, high coverage, solvent free, vapour open, internal, silicate paint, white 5 & 15 litre

    Baumit DivinaReneo one coat, high coverage, solvent free, vapour open, internal, silicate paint, white 5 & 15 litre

    Ultra low VOC one coat, solvent free ready-to-use, easy to apply, odour-less interior dispersion paint with very high covering power.
    • Vapour open - breathable
    • Can be used as a one coat.
    • Can be applied with the usual manual airless sprayers.
    • Once dry, it gives a durable, matt, natural light true surface (DIN 53778).
    • Suitable for walls with wall lights.
    • Solvent and plasticiser-free, so ultra low in VOC emissions.
    • Available in white or coloured.

    Yield::    120m²/15 Litre bucket, 40m²/5 Litre bucket

    Consumption kg/m2* : 0.125 Litre per coat (substrate dependent)


    Price is per bucket  Learn More
  3. Baumit FungoStop, fungi and algae treatment 10 Litre canister

    Baumit FungoStop, fungi and algae treatment 10 Litre canister

    An aqueous, solvent-free solution for treating façade surfaces infested with fungal or algae growth.

    Use as:

    • A pre-treatment and to clean fungal and/or algae-infested facade surfaces.
    • To prevent the spread of germ spores outdoors.
    • An aqueous cleaner

    FungoStop treats a wide range of micro-organisms including fungi and algae.

    Price is per 10 Litre canister Learn More
  4. Baumit NanoPor Colour Paint, Self cleaning, pollution resistant vapour open mineral silicate paint 5 & 25kg

    Baumit NanoPor Colour Paint, Self cleaning, pollution resistant vapour open mineral silicate paint 5 & 25kg

    A highly vapour open self-cleaning protective coating.  Baumit NanoporColour is a ready-to-use, dirt-repelling, mineral silicate paint, based on sodium silicate typically used for facades, it can also be used indoors.

    Baumit NanoporColour protects and enhances all types of façades surfaces and is suitable for use over old and new mineral and organic substrates such as renders, plasters and fillers, on concrete, in protection of historic monuments and refurbishment. Also suitable for renovation work and as a paint finish on external wall insulation systems.

    Consumption: 0.50 kg/m2 for top coat including a diluted coat as primer (approx.)

    Price is per bucket Learn More
  5. Baumit NanoporTop Render, self-cleaning pollution-resistant, ready-to-use silicate finish render 25kg

    Baumit NanoporTop Render, self-cleaning pollution-resistant, ready-to-use silicate finish render 25kg

    Baumit NanoporTop finish render is a self-cleaning and pollution-resistant, ready-to-use silicate, textured top coat render. The render contains photocatalystic technology for external use

    Baumit NanoporTop is easy to use, breathable, decorative and pollution resisting. Use as a finish over Baumit base coat and bonding coat renders. Perfect as a finish in areas where high weather and stain resistance is required.

    Use for protection and enhancement of façades and façade surfaces over old and new mineral renders and fillers and on concrete. For preserving historical monuments, renovations and as a topcoat with external wall insulation systems.

    Baumit NanoporTop is low stress drying, highly weather resistant, water vapour and CO2 permeable, stain resistant, non-flammable and easy to use.

    The microstructural surface, nano-crystalline and inorganic additives significantly reduce staining compared to other coatings.

    View colours by downloading the 'Baumit Life Colours' pdf, choose any colour with a black code

    Texture: K1.5 K2 K3 (K refers to maximum aggregate size in mm) Consumption kg/m2 : ca. 2.5 ca.2.9 ca.3.9

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  6. Concentrated Eco Friendly All Purpose Cleaner 1

    Concentrated eco friendly All Purpose Cleaner from Fragile Earth

    Environmentally Friendly All Purpose Cleaner

    This is an environmentally friendly multi-purpose biological cleaner that is specifically formulated to clean dirt from a wide variety of surfaces including carpets, tiles, vinyl flooring, fabric, upholstery and hard surfaces. Universal Cleaner is a unique liquid biological formulation of selected bacterial strains and biodegradable cleaners.

    Cleans hard and soft surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. Simply measure 50ml into a 500ml trigger spray bottle and fill with water. This makes our all-purpose cleaner really good value for money,  costing just 65p for half a litre, when compared with other products like Ecozone all purpose cleaner, which costs £5.35 for 300g, As it is concentrated the container is so much smaller, and because you simply use our refillable trigger spray it makes this a truly environmentally friendly product

    Price is per 500ml bottle

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  7. Concentrated eco friendly glass and mirror cleaner from Fragile Earth

    Concentrated eco friendly glass and mirror cleaner from Fragile Earth

    Environmentally Friendly Glass and Mirror Cleaner

    Glass and Mirror Cleaner cleans glass and mirror without leaving a film, smears or streaks. It is an ammonia, soap, acid and solvent free concentrated cleaner . Free of fuming solvents, butyl cellusolve, ammonia and denatured alcohol.

    For smear free cleaning, simply apply with a trigger spray, wipe over and polish off with a paper towel.

    Add 50ml to 450ml of water. Don't forget that because our glass and mirror cleaner is diluted with water it is extremely economical. Compared to other products like Bio D glass and mirror cleaner which typically costs £3.65 for 750ml, our glass and mirror cleaner is great value at 44p per litre. As it is concentrated the container is so much smaller, and because you simply use our refillable trigger spray it makes this a truly environmentally friendly product.

    Price is per 500ml bottle

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  8. Ecologic Natural Paint Remover 1 litre

    Ecologic Natural Paint Remover 1 litre

    Regular Price: £24.81

    Special Price £23.95

    A truly wonderful and amazing product unlike any of the normally available chemical paint strippers Ecologic paint remover is safe, non toxi and incredibly effective with just one application.

    Read the description in the "MORE INFO" tab about what goes into most commercial paint strippers which illustrates exactly why we strongly recommend  Ecologic stripper when you need to remove paint because it contains none of the usual nasty’s and is completely safe.

    Ecologic Remover is a completely safe,  pH-neutral paste free of any acid, caustic soda, dangerous solvents (as N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone NMP), paraffin or preservatives. It is suitable for removing most kinds of paint in one step from almost any surface.

    For use on render, concrete, natural stone and other mineral surfaces, wood, metals including light metals and copper. Not suitable for use on plastic surfaces Ecologic paint remover is ideal for removing inappropriately applied paint from plaster or other breathable structures where the paint in question may prevent or inhibit breathability, use Ecologic paint remover before applying a suitable breathable paint such as Corical or one of the Livos range.

    Coverage: typically 1 litre for every 1-3m2 depending on substrate and paint thickness

    Available in 1, 5 & 20 litre tins

    Price is per tin

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  9. Concentrated Anti-Bacterial Cleaner 1

    Concentrated Anti-Bacterial Cleaner

    Our environmentally friendly Anti Bacterial Cleaner is a great multi-surface cleaner and is effective against MRSA, ECOLI, etc.

    Each box contains 4 sachets of anti-bacterial cleaner which makes 4 x 500ml of cleaner. This works out at 89p for 500ml, which, when compared with Faith in Nature Anti Bacterial Cleaner, which typically costs £3.90 for 500ml, is clearly great value. Simply recycle a trigger spray bottle, add product to water and allow sachet to dissolve. Eco Friendly Cleaning from Fragile Earth.

    Price is per 1 pack of 4 x sachets

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