Acoustilay 15mm Acoustic Underlay

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Acoustilay 15 is a premium acoustic floor treatment which has been the market leader for many years. Acoustilay is highly effective for treating both airborne and impact sound transmission through  floors.

The perfect solution for domestic, residential and commercial applications, popular largely because of its superior performance and quick installation.

Acoustilay 15 will show noticeable performance over basic floor constructions and give significant improvement laid over existing structures. 

  • Improves the airborne sound insulation performance of timber floors 
  •  Substantially reduces impact noise through concrete and timber floors
  • Simply laid under most floor finishes and can replace conventional carpet underlay 
  • Easily cut and shaped
  • Minimises increase in floor level
  • Easily and quickly installed
  • Can be used to meet Part E of the Building Regulations
  •  Can allow access to existing floor
  • Recycled content made using post consumer waste
  • 100% Recyclable
  • 100% sourced and manufactured in the UK

Acoustilay 15 measures 15mm thick and is supplied in 1200mm x 1200mm sheets

Price is per sheet

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One of the most renowned acoustic underlay products in the world, Acoustilay continues to be one of the most used acoustic products on the market.

Years of research and development went into trying to create a product that could maintain all the acoustic properties of the finest boards, whilst remaining 100 per cent recyclable. The Acoustilay range is exactly that. Sustainability has long been an issue for specifiers seeking to find new products for their projects, and Acoustilay fits the bill perfectly.

Made from  PVC free material is using a polymer known for its lack of toxicity. The barrier mat material - which provides the mass – is manufactured from pre, mixed and post industrial waste sources.

The Acoustilay range is consistently popular due to both the high acoustic performance it offers and the unparalleled ease of installation. Acoustilay 15 is installed as easily as conventional carpet underlay but with the added benefit of superior noise insulation. It does not limit access: it is simply laid under most floor finishes and replaces existing underlay. Acoustilay 15 can help to meet Part E of the Building Regulations. Acoustilay is also popular amongst private owners looking to upgrade the sound insulation of floors in their own properties. Acoustilay 15 is suitable for anyone looking to minimise both impact and airborne noise. Constructed using a resilient foam core bonded between two attenuating surfaces, it is the perfect insulating material.

Acoustilay 15 measures 15mm thick and is supplied in 1200mm x 1200mm pieces. It can be loose laid or bonded to the floor or fitted tight up to the perimeters without the need for an isolating strip.

Acoustilay will not transmit vibrations into the walls. Sheets should be laid in a brick pattern, with staggered joints, and butted tight together.

Acoustilay can also be used on stairs, many other acoustic products are unsuitable for this.

Below are 2 videos which show how to install Acoustilay these are older manufacturer’s video taken when Acoustilay was black in colour the new version is green, but the installation procedure is the same.

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