Baumit FillPrimer universal fibre reinforced crack filling mortar 25Kg

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Fibre-reinforced, crack-filling primer

Ready-to-use, crack-filling fibre-reinforced, universal primer for existing renders and plasters;  for exterior and interior use. Can be used on existing lime/ gypsum or cement based substrates.

Specially developed for the repair of hairline cracks in existing external wall insulation systems

Fills and covers cracks up to 0.5 mm.


NOT suitable for use on fresh renders or plasters

Price is per 25Kg tub

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  • Ready-to-use, crack-filling, fibre-reinforced primer. For universal use inside and out.
  • Use:
  • Universal, crack-filling basecoat for existing and new mineralic substrates (render, putties and concrete).
  • Specially developed for the renovation of hairline cracks in external wall insulation systems.
  • Prepare the substrate before using mineralically or organically-bound Baumit renders and paints.


Weather and water-resistant, vapour permeable and easy to apply. Fills cracks up to 0.5 mm in the substrate.

Substrates must be sound, clean, dry, free from frost, dust and efflorescence and be load-bearing. Check the substrate as per standards B 2259, B 3346 und B 6410. Check the walls are even, as per DIN 18202 standards.

Suitable for:


  • Basecoat mortar for EWI systems.
  • Lime/cementitious renders.
  • Lime/gypsum plasters.
  • Well adhering mineralic, silicate and dispersion paints and renders.


Not suitable for:

  • Fresh lime plasters/renders.
  • Glossy, glued and varnished surfaces.

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