Baumit FungoStop, fungi and algae treatment 10 Litre canister

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An aqueous, solvent-free solution for treating façade surfaces infested with fungal or algae growth.

Use as:

  • A pre-treatment and to clean fungal and/or algae-infested facade surfaces.
  • To prevent the spread of germ spores outdoors.
  • An aqueous cleaner

FungoStop treats a wide range of micro-organisms including fungi and algae.

Price is per 10 Litre canister

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Water with algaecides (plant-killing) and fungicides (fungus-killing) active ingredients. Contains non-ionic and cationic surfactants (<5%).


Suitable for mineral substrates and cement-bound materials, putties and organically bound finish renders and paints. Mechanically remove rough growth, then clean with a steam spray or high-pressure cleaner which is suitable for the base. Allow the substrate to dry before treatment.


Baumit FungoStop is to be applied undiluted on the affected areas. The treated surfaces must be protected from rain for at least 24 hours.

Further coatings are applied after drying (at least 24 hours at 20 °C), and must be equipped with algaecide and/or fungicide for prevention.

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