Baumit Klima KP36 W Plaster, Natural white smooth finish plaster for internal use 35kg

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Baumit KP36 W is a natural white dry powder plaster with ‘eminently hydraulic’ additives produced in accordance with EN 998-1. Lime plaster with minimal cement content for manual and machine application in internal areas only. Part of the Baumit Klima range of products for healthy living.

  • Environmentally friendly vapour open natural white plaster. A mineral, creamy, lime plaster which helps regulate internal air quality.
  • Ideal for a sponge floated finish.
  • A healthier alternative to gypsum or other cement based products.
  • Resistant to impact loading.
  • Suitable for application in wet rooms.

Yield: 27 l/sack = ca. 770 l/t approx.,

Consumption: 13 kg/m2 /10 mm thickness approx.

Price is per bag

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Baumit  Klima KP36  W is ideal for application onto all types of block work, masonry, mineral surfaces and rough cast concrete in all internal areas including domestic kitchens and bathrooms.

Developed to achieve a smooth plain finish coat onto lime and lime-cement base coats.

Suitable as a basecoat and as a plain finish topcoat in a two coat plaster system or as a basecoat to receive paints, coatings and tiling where a plaster strength of CS II is deemed suitable.

Recommended for situations where the qualities of an breathable lime plaster with greater strength is required.

Ideal for use where a light colour tone is desired.


  • Substrates must be sound, clean, dry, free from frost, dust efflorescence and not water repellent.
  • Prepare smooth concrete or very low suction surfaces with a suitable Baumit contact mortar (e.g. Baumit HM 50).
  • Prepare mixed masonry substrates and natural stone with a spatter dash or stipple coat.
  • High suction substrates should be dampened with water using a mist sprayer. Do not saturate aircrete substrates.
  • Preparation and levelling coatings must be fully cured, well keyed and compatible with the plaster system.
  • Refer to Baumit technical support for further advice regarding substrate preparation.


Baumit Klima KP 36 W can be mixed with clean water in a tub to a lump free, creamy consistency with an electric hand mixer. Automated continuous horizontal mixers may also be used. For small areas the mixed plaster can be manually applied. For larger areas the fresh plaster can be fed into a mortar pump for spray application. Alternatively, mortar mixing pumps provide an all-in-one mixing and spraying solution.

Basecoat plaster:

The plaster is applied onto the substrate to the required thickness (max. 17 mm) in one or two passes (fresh-on-fresh) depending on the degree of suction from the substrate then ruled off with a straight edge, filling in undulations to produce a flat and even plaster layer. On hardening the surface is finely scraped with a spatula blade or grid float before applying the topcoat.

Overall plaster thicknesses (including the topcoat) exceeding 20 mm must be built up in multiple levelling coats of at least 10 mm in thickness and each surface horizontally keyed with a plasterers comb to receive the following coat. Drying times between each coat (1 day/mm thickness) must be observed.

Topcoat plaster:

Apply Baumit Klima KP 36 W onto the basecoat layer the following day (at the earliest) and smooth out flat with a trowel or spatula to a thickness of min. 3 mm. Shortly afterwards lightly rub the surface in tight circular motion with a fine sponge float or a plasterers float to produce a fine, plain finish. Alternatively the topcoat can be randomly textured using appropriate tools. Keep the surface damp for at least 2 days. A paint finish may be applied if required.

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