Baumit KlimaColor (Silikatin) Paint, vapour open, non-toxic, internal silicate based paint (Colour) 5 & 14 Litres

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Baumit Klima Silikatin is a vapour open, silicate-based, ecological paint for internal use offering  high covering power.

Baumit Klima Silikatin contains no preservatives or solvents and is amine-free and ammoniac free. The paint is certified as very low emissions and not harmful to the environment or human health.

  • Ready-to-use, full-coverage, highly diffusive new and renovation paint for coated and uncoated walls and ceilings indoors, especially also for sensitive areas and for those with allergies or chemical sensitivity.
  • Suitable for old and new mineral bases, silicate and mineral paints. Ideal for new build, renovation or refurbishment
  • Easy to use, low-odour interior silicate paint with a high degree whiteness / colour and excellent coverage.
  • Can be sprayed with commercial airless devices.
  • Provides a matt and light-fast surface after drying.
  • Contains no preservatives, solvents, amines or ammonia, thus particularly environmentally friendly, no residential health risk and low-emissions (ELF), tested by the eco-Institute.
  • Available in white or colours (preservatives contained in the hue pastes).
  • Consumption kg/m2* : 0.20 litres per coat (dependent upon substrates)
  • Yield approx. [m2 /bucket] 70 m2/14 litre bucket

View colours by downloading the 'Baumit Life Colours' pdf, choose any colour with a black code

*approx. The technical data and consumption rates serve for guidance only. An allowance of 10% more consumption should be calculated in practice.  Price is per bucket

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Thoroughly stir with a hand held slow action mixer before application, for base coating ONLY a maximum of 5% water can be added, ensure the product is consistently mixed before application. Incorrect consistencies can cause coverage problems and subsequent  flaking.

Containers with various batch numbers should be mixed together in order to exclude colour differences. Do not mix in any other materials (except for alkaline-resistant full hue and tints, maximum addition of 10%).

Baumit Klima Silikatin is to be evenly applied by brushing, rolling or spraying (nozzle diameter 0.5 – 0.6 mm) across the full surface. It normally requires one to two coatings.

If two coatings are applied, one must wait at least 12 hours to dry.

General Information

High humidity and low temperatures can significantly delay drying times.

Protect bordering areas (glass, ceramics, metal, etc.) (burn hazard). Clean tools immediately after use with water. Leave the devices in the paint and avoid drying during breaks.

In order to avoid colour deviations, order one batch for the entire building; if there are subsequent deliveries, mix with the previously-delivered product.

The final wet abrasion class applies after it is completely dry. The given drying characteristics are related to a temperature of +20 °C and 55% relative humidity, and can vary greatly under different environmental conditions.


Potassium sodium silicate with organic stabilisation (<5%), filler, additives, water.

EAK / AVV waste codes: 08 01 12

Do not work with the material or let it dry if the base material and air temperature under + 8 °C and over + 30 °C. In particular, observe DIN 18550 and DIN 18350, DIN 18363 (VOB, part C) as well as the relevant BFS leaflets.

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