Baumit MC55 Base/Top Coat Plaster/Render, natural white, fibre reinforced mineral based mortar 25Kg

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Baumit MC55 W is a highly versatile easy to use, natural white, fibre reinforced mineral based mortar.

This versatile product and its naturally sticky nature means that it has excellent adhesion properties on a wide range of substrates and can be used as a base coat for renders, as a reinforcing coat with fibreglass mesh (Baumit Startex),as an adhesive for keying wood fibre boards, as a topcoat finish render or as a remediating topcoat over existing mineral, synthetic or resin based plasters or paintwork. 

Baumit MC55 W can also be used to prepare smooth concrete, mineral and synthetic renders and some painted surfaces to receive a render.

When Baumit MultiContact MC 55 W is used as a topcoat finish it must receive a suitable water resistant paint such as Baumit NanoporColour.

Baumit MC55 W is best mixed, using clean tap water, with a plaster whisk to a smooth lump free consistency or it can be spray applied.

Yield: 8 m2 at 3 mm  or 5m2 at 5mm or 2.5m2 at 10mm thickness approx. Consumption: 1.0 kg/m2 approx.

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Suitable substrates include concrete, mixed masonry and lime/lime-cement render. Substrates must be sound, clean, dry, free from frost, dust and efflorescence.

Basecoat renders should be fully cured. Existing mineral and organic based coatings and paints must be sound and well bonded to the substrate (pull off test and/or cross cut test).

Peeling paint, lime wash, grease stains (from shuttering), other contaminants and film forming layers must be removed. Any cracks are to be scraped open with a pointed tool to form a “V“ groove. High suction substrates and gypsum substrates must be pre-treated with Baumit Hydrosol.

Friable basecoats are to be pre-treated with a stabiliser such as Baumit ReMineral. Algae and mould growth must be removed with a fungicidal wash such as Baumit FungoStop.


Baumit MultiContact MC 55 W can be mixed with clean water in a tub to a lump free, creamy consistency with an electric hand mixer. Its 'sticky' nature means it is very easy to apply to a whole range of backgrounds.

Material which has started setting must not be remixed with water. Mixing with other products (e.g. anti-freeze agents or accelerating agents) is not permitted.

Automated continuous horizontal mixers may also be used. For small areas the contact mortar can be manually applied. For larger areas the freshly mixed mortar can be fed into a mortar pump for spray application. Alternatively, a mortar mixing pump will provide an all-in-one mixing and spraying solution.

Preparation of concrete, render and plaster substrates and remediation: Baumit MultiContact MC 55 W is applied to a thickness of 3 – 5 mm (with embedded Baumit StarTex reinforcing mesh where necessary) and the surface keyed with a brush or plasterer comb. Gypsum substrates must be pre-treated with Baumit Hydrosol before applying a max. 2-3 mm thick layer of the contact mortar.

Reinforcement layer over render coatings and selected render carrier boards: Baumit MultiContact MC 55 W is applied with a stainless steel notched trowel (10 mm notches). Continuous sheets of Baumit StarTex reinforcing mesh are placed onto the contact mortar, free of creases and with 100 mm overlapping edges. A further 1-2mm of contact mortar is applied “wet on wet “over the embedded reinforcing mesh. Excessive trowelling is to be avoided. Trowel lines are to be removed after hardening. The overall thickness of the reinforcement layer thickness must be from 6 – 8 mm.

The air, material and background temperature must be above +5° C during application and curing.

Protect the facade from direct sunlight, rain and strong winds (i.e. with scaffold nets).

In hot and/or windy weather dampen the finished work at regular intervals with a water mist sprayer to aid hydration.

High air humidity and low temperatures can prolong drying times considerably. Observe the minimum standing time of 1 mm render thickness per day before applying further coatings and finishes.

When double meshing, ensure that the second meshing coat is applied after at least one day. Ensure that with any reinforcing mesh coatings, the mesh is not damaged or exposed. Clean tools with water.

Protect other materials such as glass, ceramics or metal etc from contamination with appropriate coverings.

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