Baumit NanoPor Colour Paint, Self cleaning, pollution resistant vapour open mineral silicate paint 5 & 25kg

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A highly vapour open self-cleaning protective coating.  Baumit NanoporColour is a ready-to-use, dirt-repelling, mineral silicate paint, based on sodium silicate typically used for facades, it can also be used indoors.

Baumit NanoporColour protects and enhances all types of façades surfaces and is suitable for use over old and new mineral and organic substrates such as renders, plasters and fillers, on concrete, in protection of historic monuments and refurbishment. Also suitable for renovation work and as a paint finish on external wall insulation systems.

Consumption: 0.50 kg/m2 for top coat including a diluted coat as primer (approx.)

Price is per bucket

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Baumit have pioneered the use of nanotechnology succeeding in providing NanoporColor with special characteristics that protect the façade surface from various organic environmental contaminants.

The power of light combined with a new photo catalyst gives Baumit NanoporColor an additional self-cleaning effect – for a façade that remains attractive, gleaming and clean for a long time.

Baumit NanoporColour is easy to apply with guaranteed colour fastness and long lasting durability. Baumit NanoporColour  is self-cleaning NanoporColour, to keep your façade beautiful and clean for a long time.

Baumit PhotokatA drop of water when dropped onto Baumit NanoporColour loses its surface tension.  Moisture is taken up in the surface hydrophilic layer, during evaporation the moisture releases dirt particles resulting in a dry clean and beautiful facade

Baumit NanoporColour’s texture, provides better coverage so your building façade will be more resistant to abrasion and fading. All Baumit paints are sprayable for use with professional applicators.

Baumit NanoporColour has a unique and special microscopically smooth surface with a "nanoporous" structure. These nanopores are too small (1 nanometre = 1 millionth of a millimetre) for dirt particles to get into, making it difficult for them to attach themselves to the surface.

Furthermore, the low electrostatic charge of Baumit NanoporColour reduces contamination of the façade. The few particles of dirt that nevertheless manage to attach themselves are removed from the façade by the evaporation of moisture (air moisture, rain etc.) Baumit NanpoColour contains a photo catalyst, creating a further, very efficient self-cleaning effect.

The photo catalyst in the paint is activated by daylight. It breaks down the few dirt particles attached to the surface, which are then loosened by the movement of the air and in some cases, fall to the ground. Rain and drying moisture also remove dirt particles and clean the façade. The photocatalyst contained in the façade is not depleted during this process. The result is a dirt-resistant surface that stays beautiful for a long time.


The substrate should be clean, dry, frost-free, dust-free, absorbent, free from bubbles or loose particles and load-bearing. Test substrate as per norms B 2230, B 3345, B 3346 and B 6400.

Substrate preparation as per guidelines:

Primer 1 x Baumit NanoporColour diluted with max. 10 - 15 % clean water (apply to whole surface)

Topcoat 1 x Baumit NanoporColour (max. 5 % dilution)

The dilution level is dependent on the delivered consistency and the absorption level of the substrate

Baumit NanoporColour is suitable for:


  • Lime/cement and rubbed cementitious renders
  • Concrete and other mineral substrates
  • Well adhered mineral and dispersion paint and renders

Conditionally suitable for (do a test patch):

  • Lime rendered and painted surfaces (be aware of carbonation)

Not suitable for:

  • Plastics, varnished, oily or glued surfaces
  • To stop carbonation in concrete repair
  • Wood and metal
  • Highly elastic dispersion paints


Stir Baumit NanoporColour thoroughly on a slow running stirring machine. Dilute Baumit NanoporColour with a max. 10 -15 % water to produce a suitable application consistency and prime the whole substrate (leave to dry for a minimum of 12 hours).

Weather dependent, but at least 12 hours after priming, apply either 1 or 2 coats of Baumit NanoporColour, substrate dependent. The application consistency can also be achieved with a lesser quantity of water. If applying 2 coats, leave at least 4 hours drying time between coats.

Do not mix with other paint. Baumit NanoporColour can be rolled, brushed or sprayed with a suitable airless sprayer. Work evenly and without taking a break. Do not wait for the product to dry before removal. Clean tools with water immediately after use.

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