Baumit ReCompact Primer, ready-to-use, liquid primer for mineral/silicate substrates 10 Litre

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Baumit ReCompact is a vapour open mineral primer for the strengthening of mineral surfaces before applying mineral-based plasters, renders and paints. Solvent-free and colourless. For external and internal use.


  • Liquid, ready-to-use, solvent free liquid to strengthen all usual sandy, mineral substrates.
  • By reducing the pores, the absorption of renders is in part reduced.
  • By priming the removal of binders and dehydration through absorbent, mineral substrates is so reduced that the setting process is improved.
  • The composition of the primer improves adhesion and strengthens.
  • Adhesion and substrate strengthening through silification with the substrate.
  • For thinning KlimaSilikatin.:

Yield: ca. 25 – 50 m²/10L canister

Consumption [m²]: ca. 0.2 – 0.4 L/m2 per coat (substrate dependent)

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ReCompact is ready-to-use. Do not add any other product to it. It is possible to add water at a maximum 1:1 ratio to thin and use product as a render strengthener or 1:5 ratio before applying a coat of silicate paint. Stir well before use.

The substrate should be totally firm. Apply ReCompact onto clean substrates, either undiluted or thinned dependent on the absorbancy of the substrate, using brush or roller make  several passes over the wall. If only a light strengthening of the surface is required, ReCompact diluted with water can be sprayed. Allow a minimum of 2 – 3 days to dry.


Do not apply under direct sunlight, in rain or windy conditions and protect the façade accordingly (scaffold nets). High humidity and low temperatures can significantly delay setting times.

Protect surrounding areas (glass, ceramics, metal etc.) from spray/splashes. Immediately remove any splashes with water. Do not wait until dry. Clean tools immediately after use with water. Dispose of used water as per authority directives.

Do not allow product to enter soil, waters or sewage works.

Do not work with the material or let it dry if the substrate and air temperature are below + 5 °C and over + 30 °C. Observe DIN 18550 and DIN 18350 (VOB, Part C.)

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