Baumit Klima RK38 Plaster, Pure lime plaster 35kg

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Baumit RK38  is a pure hydraulic lime plaster for internal application on all types of block work, brick and masonry; also used as base-coat, or for dubbing out prior to application of internal wood fibre boards.

Baumit RK38 is vapour permeable (breathable), 100% natural and creamy white in colour.

Used as a top coat plaster for all types of masonry but also suitable as a base coat plaster for wet areas, it is also an ideal base coat for the larger interior areas.

Baumit RK38 is a healthier alternative to cement or gypsum plasters.

Because of its high breathability it can be used as a base coat in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens and can also be used as a plain finish plaster.

Because of the fine aggregates used it is suitable for finishing with Baumit Klima Glätt, a very fine hydraulic lime finish plaster

Price is per bag

Each 35kg bag of Baumit RK38 will cover up to 2.7m2 at 10mm thickness.

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Baumit RK38 should be mixed by a plaster whisk with clean tap water to a smooth consistency and then applied by hand or it can be spray applied by machine.

It is typically applied at a thickness of 10-12mm on to sound substrates but can be applied in layers up to 20mm thick if required.

Greater thicknesses can be achieved but must be made up in layers of at least 10mm thickness.

Coats should be gently finished with a grid plane or nail float prior to application of further coats or any finishing plasters.

Finish coats should be applied at around 3mm in thickness with a trowel or spatula and then sponge finished with a fine sponge.

NB Baumit Klima RK 38 is not a suitable substrate for receiving tiles

As a basecoat plaster:

The plaster is applied onto the substrate to the required thickness in one or two passes (fresh-in-fresh) depending on the degree of suction from the substrate and ruled off with a straight edge, filling in undulations to produce a flat and even plaster layer.

On hardening the surface is finely floated or finely scraped in preparation for receiving the topcoat. The drying times (1 day/mm thickness) must be observed.

A maximum plaster thickness of 20 mm may be applied in a single application. Where necessary, greater thicknesses must be built up in multiple coats of at least 10 mm in thickness. Upon setting the surface of each additional coat is horizontally keyed with a plasterers comb to receive the following coat. Drying times between each coat (1 day/mm thickness) must be observed.

As a topcoat plaster:

Baumit Klima RK 38 as a topcoat plaster is applied onto the basecoat and smoothed out flat with a trowel or spatula to a thickness of 3 mm. Shortly afterwards the surface is lightly rubbed over with a fine sponge float in tight circular motions to produce a fine, plain finish. A paint finish may be applied if required.

Baumit Kalkputz Klima Glätt W (lime skim finishing plaster) or Baumit decorative topcoat plasters are also suitable for application onto a basecoat of Baumit Klima RK 38.

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