Baumit SilikatTop Render, ready-to-use, vapour permeable, silicate thin-layer finish render coat 25kg

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Baumit SilikatTop Pre-mixed ready-to-use, highly vapour permeable, dirt-repellent, silicate thin-layer finish render coat. 

Baumit SilikatTop is stain retarding decorative finish with scratched or dragged grain texture for internal and external areas.

Suitable for hand or machine application. 

Designed to protect and enhance facades on old and new mineral renders and putties, on concrete, for the protection of historic monuments, and as a renovation render.

Available with 3 grain size:  K 1.5, K2,K3 Consumption kg/m2: ca. 2.5, ca. 2.9, ca. 3.9

Price is per bucket

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PLEASE NOTE: Surfaces must always be prepared with a full and even coat of Baumit UniPrimer before applying Baumit SilikatTop. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Technical Summary

Aggregate size:

1.5/2.0/3.0 mm


ca. 1800 kg/m³

Thermal conductivity λ:

ca. 0. 70 W/mK

Water vapour diffusion resistance μ-value:


ca. 30 - 50


Water capillary coefficient w-value:

< 0.20 kg/m²h 0,5 (W2)


0.06 – 0.10 m (2 mm coating)

Bond strength:

> 0.3 MPa

Colour tones:

Selected from Baumit Life colours



Substrates must be sound, clean, dry, free from frost, dust efflorescence and not water repellent.

Existing mineral based coatings and paints must be sound and well bonded to the substrate (confirm with pull off tests and/or cross cut tests acc. To Baumit guidelines).

Suitable substrates:

  • Mineral basecoats on External Wall Insulation systems, (see above)
  • Lime and cement renders, concrete
  • Well bonded mineral, silicate paints and coatings
  • Gypsum plasterboards (pre-treated with 2 coats of Baumit SperrGrund)
  • Refer to Baumit for advice regarding other substrates and substrate preparation.


Baumit SilikatTop must be well and slowly mixed with an electric hand mixer before application. It may not be mixed with other paint materials. Where required a minimal amount of water (max. 1%) may be added to improve workability.


Apply SilikatTop with a stainless steel trowel or a fine spray machine once applied trowel through to the grain thickness to produce a full and even coat. Texture the surface using a plastic float, moving in tight circular motions.It should be applied systematically and continuously in complete sections.The air, material and background temperature must be above +8° C during application and curing.

Protect the facade from direct sunlight, rain and strong winds (i.e. with scaffold nets). High air humidity and low temperatures can prolong drying times considerably.Products from different batches must be mixed together prior to application.

Colour tone development can be affected by the background conditions, temperature and air humidity level. Baumit SilikatTop is equipped with a basic level of protection against algae and fungal growth. This achieves a preventative and inhibiting effect.

For projects in critical environments (e.g areas with above average humidity, rainfall, close proximity to water, plants, shrubbery, trees and woodland) we recommend an increased level of protection.

A long term eradication of algae and fungal growth cannot be guaranteed.

The sands used in the Baumit facade renders are natural products. On occasion some of the sand grains may appear slightly darker. This does not in any way constitute a problem with quality of the product, but may represent a faint optical detraction, due to the natural properties of the raw materials.

Baumit SilikatTop should be left to dry for at least 14 days ( at +20 C° and 60 % rel. humidity) before receiving any further coatings.

Protective measures:

Protect eyes and skin, and surrounding areas, especially glass, ceramic, brick, natural stone, varnishes and metals.

Wash away any splashes with plenty of water.

Do not allow to dry and harden.

Clean tools and equipment thoroughly with water immediately after use.

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