Baumit StarContact White, adhesive and reinforcement mortar for external use 25kg

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Baumit StarContact White is a lime based breathable contact mortar and adhesive.  

Used as a reinforcement base coat for repairs to existing renders, as an adhesive base coat for wood fibre external wall insulation systems, a bonding mortar for facade and perimeter insulation. Also used to prepare coarse grained mineral and synthetic renders to receive a fine finish render topcoat.

Baumit StarContact White is very easy to apply to a whole range of backgrounds it has high bonding strength and is water resistant with good workability.

Each bag of Baumit StarContact White will cover up to 5.4m2 at 3mm or when used as an adhesive and base coat each bag will cover up to 1.7m2.

Consumption as basecoat: 4.5 – 5.5 kg/m2 approx.

Consumption as adhesive: 4.0 – 5.0 kg/m2 approx.

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Sprinkle the dry powder in to clean water mix in a tub with an electric hand mixer to a lump free, creamy consistency. Alternatively use a continuous horizontal mixer with a constant water feed, remixing by hand-mixer is necessary. Leave to stand for 5 minutes and remix with the hand mixer. Working time: ca. 1.5 hours. Material which has started setting must not be remixed with water. Mixing with other product (e.g. anti-frost agents or accelerating agents) is not permitted.

Application; Please refer to product data sheet or specification. For technical help please call 01793 847 444

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