Baumit StarTex Fine 160 Mesh, fine glass fibre reinforcing mesh. 50m2

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Baumit StarTex160  Fine, warp and alkali-resistant glass fibre reinforcing mesh. 1m x 50m roll

Baumit StarTex reinforcing mesh is:-

  • an easy to use, SBR coated, fibre glass reinforcing mesh with a 4 x 4mm mesh size
  • ideal for reinforcing base coat renders and plasters when on mixed masonry.
  • great for reinforcing corners of window and door openings to prevent cracking.
  • used with MC55 as a reinforcement coat.

It is designed for use with Baumit contact mortars and masonry base coat renders/plasters and can be used in all locations.

Tear-resistance > 1.8 kN/5cm. Weight: ca. 160g/m2.

Yield: 45 m2 (50 m2 roll) due to overlapping

Consumption: 1,1 m²/m² area approx.

Price is per roll

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Lay the Baumit StarTex Fine 160 wet-in-wet into the reinforcement basecoat render ensuring it is free from bubbles or folds. Position so that it lies within the upper third of the thickness of the reinforcing coat. Do not cut on the roll.

When reinforcing a thick-coat base coat this is done wet-in-wet by applying 2/3rds of the render and whilst wet trowelling in the StarTex.

The final third of the render should be applied immediately. Each piece of StarTex should overlap adjacent pieces by at least 100mm in all directions.

When applying to thin layer renders, again using a wet-in-wet process, the render should be combed first to ensure the correct thickness and then the StarTex trowelled in to it.

A further 1-3mm of render should be applied over the StarTex to ensure the correct bedded depth. The render should be between 3 and 8mm in thickness depending on substrate and render.

When using as corner reinforcement in thin layer renders, strip of mesh which are at least 300 x 300mm square should be diagonally applied in a tight coat of contact mortar, such as MC55, to the corners of openings before the main areas are rendered.

If using a thick-coat render then this can be applied, as above, in with the render coat.

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