Baumit UniPrimer, Breathable primer for renders and plasters

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BaumitUniPrimer is a vapour open primer used to reduce and equalise the suction of substrates, to equalise the colour of the substrate, to enhance the water repellency of the substrate, to mprove adhesion and to enabling bonding to a wide range of substrates.

BaumitUniPrimer can be used internally and externally

It is suitable for application on to contact mortars, lime and cement based plasters/renders, concrete and well adhered mineral, silicate and masonry paints.

Baumit UniPrimer should be well mixed before use, normally with a plaster whisk, and then applied evenly to the surface by brush or roller.

When using rollers it is often useful to add up to 5% water as this method applies the primer more thickly.

The primer should then be left for 24 hours before any further coating are applied.

Yield*: 100 – 125 m²/25 kg bucket on base coats

20 – 25 m²/5 kg bucket on base coats

12 m²/5 kg bucket on render coats

Consumption [m2]*: 0.2 – 0.25 kg/m² on base coats 0.40 kg/ m² on render coats

*Approximately, dependent on the absorbency of the substrate

Please remember that this product should only be used between 5C and 30oC and that humidity will affect drying times for this product.

Price is per bucket

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BaumitUniPrimer ready-to-use, all-purpose, quartz-filled aqueous primer to regulate suction and improve adhesion for all Baumit render finishes. For external use.

Plaster/render substrate pre-treatment for mineral surfaces, to be used as an absorbance compensation and adhesion promoter for the following coatings with all pasty surface plasters.


  • Finely dispersed, aqueous, ready-to-use, solvent-free primer.
  • Adhesion promoter which wets the substrate.
  • Unifies the absorbance properties of the substrate.
  • Plaster absorbance capabilities are somewhat restricted by pore narrowing.
  • The primer coating reduces binder reduction and dehydration through absorbent mineral materials (substrates, allowing for an ideal hardening process).
  • Water vapour diffusion is not influenced.

Do not mix in any other materials. If necessary, one can evenly dilute with up to 5% water. Thoroughly stir before handling with a slowly-rotating stirrer.

General Information

Do not apply under direct solar radiation, rain or wind, and protect the façade accordingly (scaffold nets).

High humidity and low temperatures can significantly delay drying times.

The environment of the coated areas, especially glass, ceramics, brick, natural stone, paint and metal must be protected. Rinse splashes immediately with plenty of water. Do not wait until they dry.

Clean tools immediately after use with water.

PremiumPrimer should be used for pre-treatment of mineral surface plaster. Do not pour into the soil, water or wastewater.

Product code: M-GP01

EAK / AVV waste codes: 08 01 12

Do not work with the material or let it dry if the base material and air temperature under + 5 °C and over + 30 °C. 

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