Breathaplasta Natural Breathable One Coat Plaster 20Kg

Breathaplasta Natural Breathable One Coat Plaster 20Kg

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Breathaplasta is a high-performance, quick setting lime plaster that is a healthier alternative to standard internal plasters and helps reduce problems with condensation, damp and mould.

A universal plaster ideally suited to all board and masonry applications, Breathaplasta is versatile and can be used as both base coat and top coat to finish. Its natural lime and bio-based formulation is flexible, highly breathable and moisture regulating (hygroscopic).

The key benefit of Breathaplasta is its ease of use and quick setting formulation, making it an ideal companion product to wood wool and wood fibre boards which can be lime plastered in just one day. In addition, Breathaplasta’s insulating properties further enhance the high thermal performance of such boards for a healthier and better-insulated finish.

Breathaplasta can be installed using conventional methods onto most substrates, including plasterboard, wood wool and wood fibre boards, brick, block and stone walls.

Breathaplasta is an excellent companion product to wood wool and fibre boards. Ideal for renovation, heritage and conservation or sustainable builds using natural materials.

Yield: 20kg (one bag) covers 5m2 at 4mm thickness OR allow 1kg dry plaster per 1mm thickness per 1m2

Price is per 20kg bag

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Product Application in 4 Easy Steps

Ecomerchant Breathaplasta Installation

1. Mix 20kg bag requires 11 litres of water.

2. Appl Always apply 2 coats minimum.

3. Set Allow approximately 45 mins setting time per coat.

4. Finish Use a clean trowel to close and smooth off the surface of the plaster.

How it works

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Detailed Product Mixing and Application

A sample trial should be carried out prior to application to ensure substrate is compatible.

Always wear the necessary personal protective equipment when mixing and applying Breathaplasta.

Only apply in temperatures between 5°C and 30°C 

  • Add 1 bag of Breathaplasta to approx. 11 litres of clean water and mix for 60 seconds. Ensure all dry powder is thoroughly mixed in.
  • Final mix should be creamy in texture with no lumps. Mix can be applied immediately.
  • Apply an even base coat of Breathaplasta using standard plastering tools and techniques. Do not smooth plaster at this stage.
  • Mesh - if required, apply mesh at this stage by flattening into the base coat. Note: mesh not normally required for plasterboard and non-board surfaces.
  • Leave the base coat to set and firm for a minimum of 45 minutes.

For boards

  • Evenly apply a second coat. This is the finishing coat. Trowel plaster to a flat and smooth finish.

For other surfaces

  • For multiple coat applications, a total thickness of up to 50mm can be achieved.
  • Additional coats can be applied at a maximum of 10mm thickness per coat.
  • For best results, leave 24 hours between each coat to let plaster set and allow moisture to escape.
  • Evenly apply finishing coat. Trowel plaster to a flat and smooth finish.
  • Leave the finishing coat to set and firm, but not fully harden. This will be approx. 45 mins.
  • To finish Breathaplasta, glide a clean trowel over the surface of the top coat to flatten and smooth to desired finish.


Min depth of application

4mm (in coats of 2mm)

Max depth of application

50mm (in coats of 10mm)

Minimum number of coats



1200 kg/m2

Thermal Conductivity (λ)

0.23 W/m.k

Thermal Resistance (R)

0.05m2.K/W (at 10mm thickness)

Water Vapour Resistance Factor (μ)

5 (Dimensionless)

Coverage per 20kg bag

5.1 m2(Approx.)

Setting Time Per Coat

1 hour (Approx.)

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Technical summary

Min depth of application


Max depth of application

20mm in coats of 5-7mm


1200 kg/m2

Thermal Conductivity (λ)  

0.23 W/m.K

Thermal Resistance (R)

0.05 m2 .K/W (at 10mm thickness)

Water Vapour Resistance

5 (Dimensionless) Factor (µ)

Coverage per 25 kg bag

5.1 m2

Initial setting time

2 hours2


We're increasing the airtightness of our buildings to save energy, but we're also trapping in the moisture we produce in our buildings. This can be a major issue as it condenses on surfaces, resulting in mould growth.

Similarly, older properties can also suffer from moisture control problems. Gypsum plasters do not deal with moisture well.

Breathaplasta passively regulates moisture in buildings to help create healthier people in healthy, energy-efficient buildings. Breathes with the people in the building so reducing the risk of mould and condensation.

Breathaplasta has been designed to passively regulate the moisture in the internal environment whilst providing significant thermal benefits in comparison to commonly used gypsum and lime plasters. This helps to reduce condensation and inhibit mould growth creating healthy, energy efficient living and working spaces.

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