Breathaplasta Natural Breathable One Coat Plaster 20Kg

Breathaplasta Natural Breathable One Coat Plaster 20Kg

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Breathaplasta is a high performance, bio composite alternative to typical plasters such as gypsum or lime. It is mixed and installed using the same techniques as these common plasters but delivers additional benefits.

Whether you are renovating or building, Breathaplasta provides an easy solution to creating a healthy living or working area. This hygrothermally high performing material regulates moisture and improves insulation to deliver a healthier and more energy efficient environment.

Breathaplasta can be installed with conventional methods on many substrates including conventional plasterboard, solid brick and block walls 

Yeild: 20Kg (one bag) covers 5m2 at 4mm OR allow 1Kg dry plaster per 1mm thickness per 1m2

Price is per 20Kg bag

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Technical summary

Min depth of application


Max depth of application

20mm in coats of 5-7mm


1200 kg/m2

Thermal Conductivity (λ)  

0.23 W/m.K

Thermal Resistance (R)

0.05 m2 .K/W (at 10mm thickness)

Water Vapour Resistance

5 (Dimensionless) Factor (µ)

Coverage per 25 kg bag

5.1 m2

Initial setting time


2 hours

We're increasing the airtightness of our buildings to save energy, but we're also trapping in the moisture we produce in our buildings. This can be a major issue as it condenses on surfaces, resulting in mould growth.

Similarly, older properties can also suffer from moisture control problems. Gypsum plasters do not deal with moisture well.

Breathaplasta passively regulates moisture in buildings to help create healthier people in healthy, energy efficient buildings. Breathes with the people in the building so reducing the risk of mould and condensation.

Breathaplasta has been designed to passively regulate the moisture in the internal environment whilst providing significant thermal benefits in comparison to commonly used gypsum and lime plasters. This helps to reduce condensation and inhibit mould growth creating healthy, energy efficient living and working spaces.

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