Concentrated Decking and Garden Furniture Cleaner

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Our Environmentally Friendly Garden Furniture Cleaner is a concentrated moss, algae and mould killer

After such a wet winter garden decking has taken some punishment. Use our cleaner and it'll soon be back to its natural beauty.  Each 50ml sachet makes 5 litres, this works out at around £2 per litre, which represents great value for money.  Also, because Fragile Earth's Decking and Garden Furniture Cleaner comes in a sachet, there is no bulky container to dispose of.  Avoid using if rain is imminent or expected in 6 hrs.

Price is per 1 x sachet

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A Soluble Algicide in a Sachet, delivered CARRIAGE PAID .

Decking & Garden Cleaner kills green growth without the need for washing off, scrubbing or pressure washing. Simply drop the sachet into bucket or watering can, add 5 litres of water, wait 2-3 mins, mix breifly and apply by brush or watering can with rose fitted. Decking & Garden Furniture Cleaner will cover up to 30m2 depending on soiling and porosity. Ensure debris removed before treatment. On heavily soiled areas, a second treatment may be required. Totaly safe and non-hazardous to children and pets once dry. Does not contain bleach or acids and and is made from biodegradable ingredients.


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