Concentrated Path and Patio Cleaner

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Our Environmentally Friendly Path and Patio Cleaner is a concentrated moss, algae and mould killer

Many paths and patios have become very dirty over the exceptionally wet winter. Now is the time to give them a good spring clean! Each 50ml sachet makes 5 litres. This works out at less than £2 per litre, which when compared with a product like Enviro-Works Path and Patio Cleaner at £6 per litre represents great value for money. Also, because Fragile Earth's No Scrub Path and Patio Cleaner comes in a sachet, there is no bulky container to dispose of. Avoid using if rain is imminent or expected within 6 hours

Price is for 1 x Sachet

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A Soluble Sachet Algicide, delivered CARRIAGE PAID.

Path and Patio Cleaner kills green growth without the need for washing off, scrubbing or pressure washing. Simply drop the sachet into bucket or watering can, add 5 litres of water, wait 2-3 mins, mix breifly and apply by brush or watering can with rose fitted. Path and patio cleaner will cover up to 30m2 depending on soiling and porosity. Ensure debris removed before treatment. On heavily soiled areas, a second treatment may be required. Totaly safe and non-hazardous to children and pets once dry. Does not contain bleach or acids and and is made from biodegradable ingredients.


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