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Builders, installers and professionals

We offer a recommendation service to our customers of trades people and professionals; this is not an approval and carries no liability it is simply a way of us putting likeminded people together. Our Eco-installer list contains contact details for a range of services and professionals in various parts of the UK; we cannot guarantee to have coverage across the country.

We are happy to act as the ‘dating agency’ by introducing companies to customers. We make no charge for this and make no commission this is simply a way of helping establish broader uptake of sustainable construction methods.

Over the years we have built up a network of experienced, reliable and qualified installers for a range of products from renewable energy systems to renders and plasters. We are always happy to introduce our installers to customers purchasing a product which may require specialist installation. In some cases we will recommend from our list and in others we may pass the business onto an installer where such items as warranties, compliance or staged installation may mean that this will be the best and most efficient means of delivery.

If you would like to be on our list of recommended installers, builders or trade professionals please call us on 01793 847 444 or email



Builders & developers

For those wishing to use sustainable materials such as monolithic building techniques and external rendered fibre boards but need to maintain a building warranty please view the Buildzone page as they offer warranties on building solutions beyond the basic brick and block, like other warranty providers. This can help when selling on the buildings and make dealing with Building control issues simpler and faster. JHAi also offer an independent building inspector role nationally and they have experience of sustainable construction techniques and components.

We don’t have any contractual link with BuildZone or JHAi approved inspectors, we just prefer people to consider an alternative offering to the mainstream NHBC warranties. we believe that local building control  relationships can be developed and the same inspector could possibly visit jobs in different authorities, making life a lot easier for the builder. We do very much support the use of local building control inspectors as local knowledge is invaluable and some have very extensive detailed knowledge of sustainable solutions; However sometimes an alternative route is useful.

For an at a glance guide to our product groups please see the download below: why not print off and keep handy as an instant reference when buying or pricing a job.