Who are Ecomerchant?

Ecomerchant is an independent employee owned business with a significant shareholding held by a charitable foundation La Renaissance.


EOA Ecomerchant

We are completely dedicated to making ethically sourced, sustainable building materials accessible to all at affordable prices. We also consider the environmental merits of every product before including them in our ranges, opting not to sell products which cause excessive environmental impact.

Our team of knowledgeable staff are keen to help people build and refurbish using natural and sustainable materials where possible to create healthier, more efficient homes, schools and workplaces. The Ecomerchant brand has been around since 1998 and can be relied upon to offer well considered selections of materials.



Ecomerchant is an independent company that supports ethical trading



We consider the whole product supply chain from raw material production to end use, to ensure not only the lowest possible environmental impact, but also endeavour to ensure that there are no negative impacts on human health. Issues such as building durability and indoor air quality are high on Ecomerchant's agenda for consideration.



Key to any design is the durability, carbon reduction, cost and quality. Ecomerchant has developed solutions with combinations of products which give best performance with least impact on our planet at the most affordable rates. Please feel free to ask our team about our ranges of sustainable building solutions.

 Our Vision

To lead the move to low carbon living through sustainable construction, energy efficiency, and the elimination of waste and pollution to reduce our environmental impact. We will deliver change in a straightforward understandable way, to sponsor a permanent long term behavioural shift in our attitude to how we live.   


Our Values

  • Long term sustainable growth
  • Independence and innovation
  • Respect and responsibility
  • Leadership in education, innovation and demonstration
  • Sustainability as a first principal
  • Respect for the natural environment
  • The reduction of waste
  • An ethical, inclusive and collaborative approach to sustainability that allows business and individuals to realise their full potential.



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