Corical Mineral Lime Paint (White) Internal & External 5 & 15 litres

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Corical is a lime paint with a traditional and flat look, which can be applied by brush or paint roller, suitable for application inside as well as outside, and is best used on mineral backgrounds such as lime plastering, lime paint, brick and stone.

Ideal for use in the restoration of historical buildings and structures such as listed buildings, traditional & period buildings and restoration the paint provides vapour permeability and strong adhesion.

Corical is a pure lime paint, and has natural anti-fungal, bactericidal, and disinfectant properties and good resistance against acid rain.

Corical white mineral lime paint i available in 5 & 15 litre tins

When applied as 3 coats (diluted 1st coat 30% water, 2nd & 3rd coats dilute 10% water) each litre of paint will cover approximatley 4 to 6 square metres

Price is per tin

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Corical mineral lime paint is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, which gives a traditional matt finish lime paints are produced using very mature lime putty, fine quartz marble dust and natural earth ochre pigments which are inert, UV resistant and do not leach out or dust. The addition of crushed marble dust makes the Corical thicker, requiring only 2 - 3 coats, and harder wearing than traditional limewash, giving a durability of between 5 and 12 years externally, depending on the exposure of the site. This greatly reduces the future maintenance costs compared with limewash, which requires regular recoating and several coats. Lime paints have natural anti-fungal, bactericidal and disinfectant properties and good resistance against acid rain.

They are designed for use on mineral backgrounds such as lime plasters, lime paint, brick and stone and are particularly suitable for use in the restoration of historical buildings and structures, and are fully compatible with the application of Natural Hydraulic Lime mortars, plasters and renders and will maintain the high degree of vapour permeability while providing additional weatherproofing. A wide variety of paint effects can be achieved using Corical Lime Paint, including colour washes and by varying the dilution, number of coats or by using more than one colour.


  • resists atmospheric pollution so can be applied in the most severe climatic circumstances.
  • can be applied on all types of mineral substrates like bricks, natural stones, renders and plasters, etc.
  • UV stable, due to the use of natural pigments
  • Natural, nontoxic sustainable
  • high-coating capacity
  • high vapour diffusion (99%)
  • free of solvents
  • anti-allergic
  • non-flammable

We recommend the removal of all areas of oil based paint, highly elastic plastic paints, and synthetic water based paint prior to the application of Corical by using EcoLogic Remover to ensure a mineral bond is achieved to the substrate, any risk of detachment due to the incompatibility of the existing paint is eliminated and the vapour permeability of the background is maximised. For internal application over gypsum plaster, and synthetic water based paint we recommend the use of Corifondo Lime Sealer. Please call us for advice if you intend to apply Corical over existing paint.

It is usual to apply a minimum of 2 to 3 coats of Corical Lime Paint, by brush or roller, with the first being diluted by 30% and the second (and third if required) by 10% with water or applied neat.

Greater dilution of paint results in an increase in the number of coats required. 

 Specific weight:                       




 Vapour permeability:                 

 m = 12 (lime)

 Consumption: depending on the substrate.

 150 to 200g/m2/coat

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 lime putty

 Mineral additives

 crystalline carbonates




 mineral pigments, resistant to UV-light, acids and  weak alkalis

 Specific weight                       


 Specific gravity

 1,67 kg/l (in function of colour)

 Product subcategory (directive 2004/42/EC)

 cat. A/a WB

 VOC limit value

 < 75 g/l (< 30 g/l from 01.01.2010)

 VOC maximum content

 < 2 g/l

 Water vapour permeability

 (μ) 12



 Fire resistance classification



 white and 112 colour shades

 Indicative consumption

 0,270 l/m² or 4 - 6 m²/l in two layers


 plastic buckets of 1 l, 5 l and 15 l


 in suitable environment 24 months

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