Rauthermex District Heating Pipe

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Rauthermex District Heating Pipe is the big brother of the Rauvitherm District Heating Pipe, this has a higher insulation value but is more expensive.

Realistically you would need over 200m of pipe run before the extra cost will justify the extra insulation value.

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Rehau Rauthermex

In modern industrial and domestic buildings there is an increase in popularity for local and district heating.  However, the ecological and economic potential can only be fully exploited with a pipe system that minimizes not only the operation costs, but also the installation and maintenance costs.

Rehau Rauthermex consists of the high performance pre-insulated PE-Xa material and can be used for life-long provision of heat.

Having a permanently safe thermal and jointing technique – Rehau RAUTHERMEX is the obvious choice for the supply of local and district heating.

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  • Optimum thermal insulation
  • Suitable for temperatures up to 95°C and pressure up to 10 bar
  • Corrugated for the most flexible installation
  • Quick and cost-effective installation
  • No corrosion and incrustation
  • Complete range of components and accessories
  • Unique RAUTHERMEX universal sleeve technique
  • No special backfill requirements


  • Dimension range from DN 20 to DN 100
  • Both single pipe and double pipes for pre and return flow are available
  • Medium pipes with orange-coloured oxygen barrier layer
  • Longitudinally water-tight insulating layer made from polyurethane
  • Tight bending radii, small bending forces due to outer corrugated sheath
  • Individual make-up
  • Universal sleeves reduce the components at the building site
  • Suitable for the installation in trenchless construction

Possible Applications

  • District heating supply
  • Drinking and hot water supply
  • Industry and refrigeration plants
  • Biomass/biological gas facilities
  • Walkway and outdoor facility heating
  • Ground source heat systems (RAUGEO)
  • Swimming pool technology

For more details on the Rehau piping system please see the PDF attachments .

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