Drainwave: Wave in a box - automatic drain cleansing

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Drainwave is an inexpensive, neat and practical self cleansing way to keep drains clear with no power required, no chemicals and only one moving part.  Drainwave simply uses existing waste water from sinks, showers, washing machines and combines it with black water from the toilet (each unit can accept waste from up to 6 toilets) which creates a surge through the pipe network to the main sewer line to clearing and transporting grit and debris as it goes helping keep drains clear and free of unwanted materials and minimising blockages.

  • Simple and easy to install
  • Only one moving part 
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • No special tools or skills required
  • 15 year manufacturer's guarantee.
  • Full WRC and Waterwise approval
  • Works especially well on low gradients and longer outfall runs

Drainwave is also the perfect solution for septic tank and off grid treatment plants sub soil disposal pipes where runs may be longer and often where there is not enough fall Drainwave also solves the problem of continuous low outputs from treatment plants


Watch the video on the product page 

Price is per Unit (discounts are available for multiple purchases please call to find out more)

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How does the Drainwave work?

The Drainwave collects black and grey water (eg. toilet, sink, shower, washing machine) via either one or both of its two inlet ports. The Drainwave temporarily retains this water and when a certain amount is collected (9.5 ltrs) a tipping bucket inside the Drainwave tips by gravity sending a pulse wave through the drainage pipes clearing any build-up and preventing blockages. It should also be used after the outlet from a sewage treatment tank as it has been proved that blockages are common, two to three metres from the tank.

As water becomes scarcer and environmental factors lead to an increased need for low flush and low-flow water saving devices, pipes that take away waste water will get dryer so they will be more prone to get blocked by rubbish and debris and this is where the Drainwave comes in. It is simple to use and simple to install. All that you do is place it in-line with the waste water pipe flowing from a property. The waste water flows into a chamber within the product and is stored until it over-fills. At this time, a tipping bucket tips forward and allows a large flood of water to flow through the whole of the waste pipe, which sweeps any rubbish in the pipe before it. A normal straight connection from a house would not do this; The flow would just be along the base of the pipe and as the pipe is not filled fully, some rubbish can get trapped in the bends and junctions

For detailed  inforamtion, please download the installation guide from the "TECHNICAL INFO" tab

A remarkable new domestic drainage product, designed to help ameliorate the UK's growing water shortage, is seeing rapid uptake by architects and the construction industry after setting a new benchmark for waste water management.

Born in Australia, the product is available throughout the UK from Ecomerchant Since its launch at Ecobuild 2011, it has gone from strength to strength; winning a number of prestigious awards and increasingly being specified by architects.
The Drainwave provides to all water product companies, especially toilet manufacturers, an ability to move to the next generation of water saving products with no change to users’ lifestyle or convenience.

The product has been recognised as a truly innovative product by many leading bodies and has both won and been nominated for may awards including: Winner of the 2011 WAN Product of the year Award at BAU Building Exhibition in Munich Germany. 2011 Water Industry Alliance Innovation Award winner and finalist in the 2011 Banksia Environmental Foundation Awards.

As well as carrying waste as much as 40 m from the property in which it is installed, Drainwave addresses an  important conservation issue. Virtually all water used in UK households is expensively treated to drinking water standards – even if it is only used to flush the loo or water the garden.

"Like many innovations, the Drainwave is a simple yet ingenious product"

Jacob Tompkins, managing director of Waterwise

The industry recognises that the current  process is costly and wasteful. Households using the system, which permits the re-use of water to supplement the lavatory flush, are helping preserve the planet's resources.

In modern properties the angle at which flushed waste water is carried away is often too shallow to be efficient. Drainwave overcomes that problem by boosting water volumes, ensuring a freer flow and reducing the risk of blockages and flooding that can trigger expensive insurance claims.

“Modern lavatories flush as little as three litres of water through the pipes, which often just isn't enough. Drainwave stores grey water – gathered from wash basins, showers and baths, for example – until around 10 litres has been collected, and then releases it in a single surge which helps ensure a free flow through the pipes.” he added. "It only has one moving part – a simple tipping mechanism – so maintenance isn't a problem.”

The scope of use for Drainwave is broad, from modest sizes domestic residences through industrial units to shared housing installation and shopping centre/office complexes. The patented device sailed through an assessment by the Water Research Council, which recognises Drainwave's value, and has also been awarded the Waterwise Marque for quality.

Andrew Best of architects Buro Happold commented: “The Drainwave is a remarkably unglamorous product destined to spend its life buried below the ground, but it offers a very ingenious and simple solution to avoiding problems of blocked drains.”

Jacob Tompkins, managing director of Waterwise commented: “Like many innovations the Drainwave is a simple yet ingenious product that solves the common problem of domestic drain and sewer blockage without the need for jetting or flushing. "As such it saves water, time and money."

Case study: Black Country Housing Group

Black Country Housing Group (BCHG) has just installed the first Drainwave system in social housing. Long-time leaders in sustainable housing, the group identified the potential for problems in sewers that would result from installing sanitary devices that use less and less water. The problem was first identified at a conference on water management at Coventry University, where BCHG was a key presenter.

BCHG is building 10 houses and two bungalows on infill sites at Lye Avenue, just outside Birmingham, to high environmental standards. Director of sustainable development for BCHG, Richard Baines, said: “We take our responsibility for protecting our community and the environment very seriously. If we know there are potential ill-effects from one well-meaning activity we find an antidote before we cause problems elsewhere. This brilliant new product is a great example of this approach in action”.

The Drainwave works like a reservoir, collecting waste water from sinks, baths and showers to be released when the toilets are flushed, thus avoiding using scarce water resources to lubricate sewers.


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What are the benefits?

  • The Drainwave acts as a catalyst for water saving by allowing properties to achieve maximum water efficiency without risk of blockages. This potentially saves consumers considerable amounts of money as water metering systems are introduced throughout the country.
  • One moving part, no external power required and little or no maintenance for the life of the product.
  • Easy to install.
  • Full WRC and Waterwise approval.
  • No additional cost for installations on new build.
  • Can be retro-fitted into existing manholes.
  • First product ever to take control of the drains.
  • Facilitates the use of low water technology without compromising the performance of drainage systems.
  • By facilitating water-saving, the Drainwave significantly reduces the amount of energy expended on catching, storing and transporting water, thereby reducing carbon emissions.
  • The Drainwave can also be used for septic dosing application. The Drainwave provides a low cost, low maintenance solution, which delivers an extremely even measured dose to the whole pipe absorbtion network.
  • The Drainwave releases waste water in one wave equivalent to a 9.5 litre flush. This carries waste solids significantly further than lower volume flushes. By installing the Drainwave this dramatically improved performance can be achieved without compromising on water-saving devices.

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What are the most important issues to consider when installing a Drainwave?

- sufficient bedding
- outlet pipe is in a straight line with the sewer (where possible)
- bucket is free to tip
- riser to the ground is glued in place
- the identification sticker is affixed to the toilet(s)
- notification labels are affixed to the risers

Note more detailed information is included in the installation instructions which can downloaded form the "TECHNICAL INFO" tab

What pipe gradients are allowed?

- BS6297 requires that the subsoil drains be laid not steeper than 1:200, well below the normal range of self-cleansing drain gradients, the object being to allow the effluent a slow passage along the pipeline, distributing it equally and allowing time for it to dissipate through the perforated pipes into the pipe bedding/subsoil.

The Konserve “Drainwave” device is the ideal preventative measure. Low flows are converted into 9.5 litre pulses of water, which has the equivalent flushing ability of a wc flush, as was demonstrated in the WRc test report UC8130.2/15298-0, and is effective in distributing the pulse of effluent throughout the length of subsoil drains. In a 1:100 drain it was shown to push test solids a distance of 40 m after repeated flushes

How many fixtures can be plumbed into the unit?

- the more fixtures that are plumbed into the unit the better as with more fixtures there is more water to contribute to drainline performance
- the unit is designed to have up to six toilets plumbed into it
- refer to the installation instructions

What should the householder do if they are going away for an extended period?

- if the toilet is not going to be used for an extended period, it is recommended that the owner flush the toilet so the Drainwave tips before leaving

What is the warranty period for the product?

- The unit is supplied together with a 24 month replacement warranty.

What is the distance between the inlet and the outlet?

- 230mm

What is the load rating that the unit can withstand?

- 1000 kg – suitable non trafficable areas

Can the unit be fixed under the floor?

- Yes using standard pipe hanging fixtures

Can the unit be retrofitted?

- Yes

Is there any issue with respect to sewer blocks and back flows?

- No, the bucket should reactivate when flow resumes

Can the unit be used for dosing evaporation beds?

- Yes the unit is ideal for this purpose as it will fully disperse the liquids

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