Ecomerchant Eco Peg, (bio-degradable peg for securing membranes/netting)

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Multi-purpose peg for garden and landscaping projects 100% recycled and recyclable material the Ecomerchant Eco Peg is used to anchor erosion blankets, mulchmats, jute netting, coir nets & protective covers.  It does not need to be removed from the ground after use as it will completely biodegrade over time. 

The Ecomerchant Eco Peg has barbs along its body to give it greater holding force and to prevent it being pushed out of the ground during ground-freezing conditions.  It has a 3 cm head to hold fabric or netting securely in place.

When ordered with any biodegradable mat or net there is no carriage charge.  For purchases of Eco Peg only carriage applies.

Price shown is per box

Simply choose the amount you require from the drop-down menu and add to basket

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Ecomerchant Ecopeg is avalable to buy in the following box sizes, please see above for pricing and to buy online

Peg Size No per Box
100mm Discontinued
100mm Discontinued
150mm Eco Peg 100
150mm Eco Peg  500



15 cm (6”)

Material of Composition

Plant   based material derived from wheat and potato + biodegradable pigments.

Applicable Standards

Ecomerchant   Eco Pegs conform to EU Biodegradability Standards EN13432.

Biodegradation Process

The   biodegradation process is brought about by micro-organisms in the ground   which cause the complete breakdown of the Ecomerchant Eco Peg As microbial activity is   affected by moisture and temperature breakdown can take longer in different   regions.

Biodegradation Period

Maintain   holding power in the ground for 18 months after which it will completely   disappear.

Biodegradation By-Product

Carbon   dioxide, water and humus (constituent of soil make-up) and no other   by-products, all of which are already present in the environment.


Stake   installation configurations and instructions as per blanket manufacturer   specification.


Ecomerchant   Eco Pegs store indefinitely until use without any loss of properties,   biodegradation only commences once in the ground

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