Ecomerchant Traditional Lipped Casement Timber Windows

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Traditional styling with modern energy efficient performance

The Traditional Lipped Casement is an outward opening timber window with distinctive traditional features including internal Ovolo mouldings, external putty bead design and authentic ironmongery.

Designed to suit new build or refurbishment where a high performance window with a traditional wooden appearance and sympathetic stain (or paint) finish is required.

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Traditional Lipped Casement windows are available in top and side hung styles and feature Egress friction hinges opening to 90 degrees as standard to facilitate fire escape and offering an easy clean facility.

The Traditional Lipped window design is ideal for properties where extra protection from the elements is required due to its ability to withstand adverse weather conditions. All Ecomerchant  Wooden Traditional Lipped Casements are manufactured with enhanced security features in accordance with British Standards (BS7950) and are approved by English Heritage and conservation officers across the UK

A popular specification chosen to complete the traditional look is a cream coloured paint finish, Satin Chrome Bulb end Ironmongery and cottage or Georgian Style 25mm bars. Ecomerchant can also offer a selection of traditional Farrow and Ball paint colours and various leaded glass designs.


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Both the glass and frame are taken into consideration when calculating the U-Value the value for the Ecomerchant Traditional Lipped casement window is   1.37W/m2K

The above U-Value is achieved with standard soft coat low 'E' argon filled double glazed units, giving the Ecomerchant product a centre pane U-Value of 1.0W/m2K. The Low-E coating is microscopically thin and has optically transparent layers of silver, sandwiched between layers of metal oxide coating. This specific process is known as 'sputter coating' and is also referred to as soft coating.

The Low-E coating allows most natural light to enter freely but reflects a significant portion of shortwave heat energy. In summer, long-wave heat energy radiating from objects is reflected back outside, lowering cooling costs. In contrast, in winter, internal long-wave heat energy is reflected back inside, thus lowering heating costs.

In relation to the Low-E coating the double glazed units are gas filled to improve the glazing properties further. Filling the pane space with gas minimizes the convection current within the space, as the gas achieves excellent insulation levels. As a result the glazing will achieve an overall reduction of heat transfer between the internal and external areas of the property. As standard argon gas is used in Ecomerchant's double glazed units achieving the above U-Values, however depending on your project you may need to achieve a lower U-Value and Ecomerchant offer a range of solutions to increase your fabrics insulation efficiency.

Warm Edge Spacers.

Thermal bridging is a major factor to losing heat through windows/doors and can be found inside insulating glass units which incorporates traditional metallic spacers. Ecomerchant offer a range of warm edge spacers that have a thermal conductivity of 0.19W/m2K, which is 1,052 times less than the thermal conductivity of Aluminium.

This recent generation of insulating glass spacers, thermally break the insulating glass edge and create a 'warm edge', reducing condensation and keeping more heat inside your home.






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