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All our doors are manufactured from premium quality, laminated slow grown woods, sourced from sustainable forests. This eco-friendly approach ensures superior product quality and enhanced durability. As standard, we also use environmentally friendly materials, such as water-based adhesives, stains and varnishes. All our doors are fitted with three point secure locking mechanisms to ensure better security and stability. We have timber, aluminium clad, glazed and solid doors to cover all design and performance requirements.

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Choose from tradtional timber doors to modern contemporary doors, available with a paint finish or aluminium clad. Please viw the photo gallery for ideas and inspiration.

Traditional solid and glazed wood front doors and stable doors.

A traditional timber front door offers a warm welcome and creates a focal point – our fifteen wooden entrance door designs are available with each based on a popular period style making it easy to choose the right style for the property.  

Each made to measure entrance door has decorative options available to enhance and complete the look of the door from glazing options – obscure glass, etched glass or stained glass and leaded light effects. Entrance doors also come with a whole collection of door hardware options, including spy holes, letter-plates, knockers and security chains.

The colours available are extensive and more than one can be chosen for a more personalised and coordinating finish to a beautifully made front door, a popular choice is two colours, one on the interior and one for the exterior.

These beautiful external doors offer security, insulation, a long life and style to your home. With so much control over the design you can choose the features that match or complement your windows and the age of the property.

Strong multi-layer timber is protected using micro-porous paint or woodstain and keeps your new front door in top condition for many years with minimal maintenance for upkeep that rivals modern uPVC doors but retains the warmth and style of wooden doors and lasts much longer.

Contemporary front doors make a bold statement that really gives a property a stand out edge.

These distinctive, sharp designs will truly complement a modern property design or add a touch of individuality and flair to a traditional home. 

Stylish, clean and smart, each of the designs make a striking impression giving the option of a solid timber version with the Chichester, through glazed panels with the Warwick, Teddington and Ruxley and almost fully glazed with the Henley. 

Available in a huge choice of colours to give a tailored, individual look, choose from hundreds of RAL colours or have a colour match to well known paint brands. There is also the option to have one colour choice on the outside while having a different shade on the inside, meaning you can be as bold or restrained as you like on either side to suit interior décor or outdoor style. 

Personalisation opportunities don’t stop there either; choose from a range of smart, robust ironmongery in a stainless steel finish for a slick appearance and why not have your house number or name etched into a glazed panel. 

There’s nothing quite like coming home to a solid timber front door and this range of contemporary styles not only look stunning but feel and operate as you’d expect too – sturdy, beautifully-made and smooth.

Manufactured from engineered, multi-layered timber and fully factory finished they will provide many years of trouble free use with very little maintenance required. Best of all, they’ll withstand all weather conditions with no need for a canopy to protect them – engineered timber means there is no warping, swelling or twisting in damp or wet conditions so they’ll operate just the same throughout the good and the bad weather.

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For Panel Doors

Ecomerchant panel doorOur energy efficient and modern panel doors are manufactured with an integral insulated door leaf. A rigid XPS plate is used as insulation and triple glazing as in-fill. A thin aluminium layer gives protection against moisture.

Thermal transmittance Uw = 1.0 W/m²K.

A panel door can be either outward or inward opening. And available as entrance, patio or balcony doors. Door frames are made of solid timber. It is possible to manufacture single or double leaf doors.

Finishing according to RAL, NCS (paint) or Norrsken’s (lacquer) tone catalogue by customer's preference.

Closing system by the Swedish lock manufacturer ASSA: hinges and three-point locking espagnolette. Patio and balcony doors have simpler locking systems.

  • Thermal transmittance: Uw = 1,0 W/m²K;
  • Sound insulation: Rw (C; Ctr) = 34db (-1; -5);
  • Cross sections: frame 55 x 92 mm; thickness of door leaf is 68 mm;
  • Door leaf is a composition of laminated veneer and an aluminium layer for moisture protection; as insulation extruded XPS plate is used.
  • Insulated triple glazing (40 mm; Ug = 0,6 W/m²K);
  • Hardware: ASSA hinges, Fix espagnolettes, Fix or ASSA handles, RUKO or ASSA locks.

For Aluminium Clad  Doors

Ecomerchant Aluminium clad door

Our range of alu-clad doors are available in spruce, oak or meranti.  Double or triple glazing is available or 40 mm insulated panels can be used as in-fills.
Thermal transmittance Uw = 1.0 W/m²K.
Alu-clad entrance doors can be either outward or inward opening and used as entrance, patio or balcony doors. It is possible to manufacture single or double leaf doors.
Finishing options are RAL, NCS (paint) or (lacquer) tone catalogue by customer's preference.
Locking systems by ASSA or Winkhaus.Three-point locking espagnolettes are used on our entrance doors for increased security

  • Thermal transmittance: Uw = 1,0 W/m²K;
  • Sound insulation: Rw (C; Ctr) = 34db (-1; -5);
  • Cross sections: frame 55 x 92 mm; leaf 96,5 x 75 mm; glazing bar 115 x 75 mm;
  • Pine wood with quality class A1–A3; oak threshold with fiber bar 40 x 92 mm;
  • Timber profiles are treated with water based preservative;
  • Glazing and in-fills: insulated triple glazing (40 mm; Ug = 0,6 W/m²K); insulated 40 mm veneer or MDF panels; insulated 40 mm timber or MDF profiled panel;
  • Hardware: ASSA, Winkhaus or FKS

For Timber Doors

Ecomerchant traditional timber entrance doorWe offer both outward and inward opening timber entrance, patio and balcony doors. Doors profiles are made of laminated timber and are available in 3 wood types. Double glazing, triple glazing or insulated panels are used as in-fills. Thermal transmittance is as low as Uw = 1.0 W/m²K.
It is possible to manufacture single or double leaf doors. Finishing according to RAL, NCS (paint) or (lacquer) tone catalogue by customer's preference.

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