Ensign Microbe Super Compact Sewage Treatment Plant for 4 People or Fewer

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Designed For lodges, caravans, workshops and domestic dwellings up to 4 people. Ideal for both frequent and infrequent use.

Part of the Marsh Ensign range this baby version takes advantage of all the proven Ensign engineering but fitted into a compact housing.


  • Microbe is designed to BSEN12566:3 to comply with latest environmental and Building Regulations requirements*
  • Minimum effluent quality of 20:30:20 (BOD:SS:NH4) ensures discharges are within national consent standards
  • Compact design for ease of handling, access and installation enables suitability for all site conditions including bedrock or high water table
  • Low energy compressor ensures minimal running, maintenance and servicing costs
  • Internal recirculation (from final to primary chamber) continues treatment process to provide higher effluent quality whilst balancing flow over 24 hour period or periods of intermittent use
  • Unique ‘keying-in’ lip to assist anchoring into granular or concrete surround
  • Supplied with with standard invert and gravity outlet
  • Optional extras include patented Polylok filter to further reduce suspended solids and extend life of drainage field; extensions for deep installations; pumped outlets for sites with adverse levels; and many more

Price includes delivery to UK mainland

Made in Britain

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The Ensign Microbe designed for lodges, caravans, workshops and domestic dwellings for use by up to 4 People

Package Sewage Treatment Plant's (or PSTP's) are often a suitable option where groundwater in the surrounding environment is vulnerable, drainage field percolation values are restrictive or direct discharge to watercourse or surface water sewer is the preferred discharge method. In addition to the anaerobic digestion taking place in the primary settlement tank (as septic tanks) the Microbe unit allows the clarified water to pass into a second 'aeration' chamber where it is treated to remove the dissolved constituents. Here aerobic bacteria, supported by diffused air and mobile media, ensure full treatment is achieved before the treated effluent (and 'sloughed off' bacteria) flow to a final settlement chamber prior to discharge.

Frequently asked question about Sewage Treatment Plants

Question: Does a sewage plant have to meet a UK Standard?
Answer: The ENsign plant has been tested to EN12566:3-2005 this is highest testing standard for European testing. The high test results mean the ENsign can discharge direct to a ditch, watercourse or percolation bed.

Question: Why should I buy the Marsh Ensign sewage treatment plant? and does it smell and is it noisy?
Answer: The ENsign Sewage plant is manufactured in the United Kingdom. The plant is odourless and operates almost silently and is backed with a 25 year structural guarantee. The ENsign Sewage plant is extremely energy efficient and normally only requires 30 minutes of annual maintenance. The six person ENsign Sewage plant is extremely strong and is only 1.95m in depth with an inlet invert of 500mm, this design reduces both the time and cost of installation, in normal ground conditions the unit only requires a pea-shingle surround.

Question: What is a pumped outlet?
Answer: A pump is fitted into the Marsh ENsign plant where there is no natural fall of gravity from the outlet pipe. The pump allows the effluent to be pumped to a higher level. We recommend the compressor is sited externally when a pump is fitted, together with a high level alarm. The Marsh ENsign design means that the pump is easy to fit and accessible and means a separate pump chamber does not need to be installed saving both money and time.

Question: I have been told you cannot fit a sewage plant into my driveway.
Answer: You can fit a Marsh ENsign plant, the plant can be adapted, so if required it can be installed in a vehicle driveway, please contact by phone or email for more details.

Question: I need a treatment plant for my holiday home, it will not be used all the time, and will it smell?
Answer: No, The ENsign is designed with an internal recycling-system, this means the ENsign plant is ideal for intermittent use. The recycling system stops the primary chamber becoming septic.

Question: My drain is deep can I still connect up to the ENsign Treatment plant?
Answer: Yes we can supply invert risers which cater for deeper inlet connection up to a further 1metre.

Question: Are sewage plants expensive to run? Should I look at a non electric Bio-system?
Answer: No, the power of a Marsh ENsign Six Person plant is 50w this means the running cost is approx. £52.00 per annum. Bio-systems are normally designed with a very deep outlet that can mean a pump needs to be fitted, which has a higher running cost than that of a compressor. Some need full concrete surrounds, and the layers of media in a Bio-system will need cleaning and also it requires a large separate primary chamber.

Question: Is there a sewage plant suitable for multiple dwellings or industrial sites?
Answer: The Marsh ENsign Sewage treatment plants are designed for both domestic and commercial buildings with no access to the main sewer network. We sell sewage plants up to 300 persons. Please contact us so we can prepare a quotation and Loads and Flows table that can be used to gain planning and EA/SEPA approvals.

Question: Will an unsightly lump or cover be showing in my garden, where my sewage plant would be?
Answer: No for gravity outlets the compressor is housed in the unit keeping the visual impact and any noise to an absolute minimum. For pumped outlets we recommend housing the compressor externally in a discreet “bird house design” housing that can be up to 10m from the sewage plant.

Question: How do I install the Marsh ENsign treatment unit?
Answer: The ENsign plant comes with lifting eyes to make unloading installation faster and safer.We designed the Ensign plant to self-level on the base and with our unique pipe connections ensure the installation is undertaken efficiently and correctly. The six person ENsign Sewage plant is extremely strong and is only 1.95m in depth with an inlet invert of 500mm, this design reduces both the time and cost of installation, in normal ground conditions the unit only requires a pea-shingle surround. For guidance ideally the Ensign plant should be 7m from a dwelling or10m from a stream.

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