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    Fragile Earth Eco Friendly Car Wash (TFR)


    500ml concentrate makes 25 Litres of product

    Fragile Earth Car Wash and traffic film remover has a penetrating cleaning action which quickly cuts through oil, grease, dirt and carbon leaving a protective bio-film that will continue to repel dirt. Dries spotless and smear free, restoring lustre to finishes.

    Car Wash has been formulated to provide dual action in a one-step cleaning method. Its high penetrating action cuts through oil, grease, soils, and carbon quickly. Car Wash is a popular commercial product with valeting companies, fleet owners and commercial vehicle operators not only because it is highly effective but its formulation is safe to discharge to sewers so avoiding the risk of prosecution from beaching environmental regulations.

    The added biological blend of bacteria and enzymes aids in breaking down the organic matter during washing and keeps working well after the car has been cleaned and dried on those hard to reach areas.  The added value to this product is that it can be discharged directly into the sewer systems.  The biological additives help keep drains clean and free-flowing whilst also reducing odours.

    • Safe to discharge to sewers.
    • Residual action continues to break down hydrocarbons in interceptor tanks and drains.
    • Will not stain or discolour trim or paintwork.
    • Can be used in pressure and automated washers

    For manual cleaning add 100ml to 5 litres of water and wash the vehicle with a sponge or cloth for a spotless finish.

    Price is per bottle.Sizes: 500ml, 1-Litre, 5-Litre & 25-Litre


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