Pond Maintenance

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  1. Fragile Earth Pondbrite Pond, Fisheries and Reservoir Clarifier

    Fragile Earth Pondbrite Pond, Fisheries and Reservoir Clarifier


    A highly effective and low-cost natural water clarification agent designed for continuous use to create ‘gin clear’ water.

    Pondbrite is an all-natural ready-to-use product that is safe for humans and beneficial for fish and wild animals. It is an economical and effective way to keep water in ecological balance, improve water clarity, and compete with algae growth.

    Pondbrite contains a multipurpose high-count bacteria/enzyme blend in a mineral porous carrier. Its non-patho­genic bacteria improve water clarity by consuming nu­trients that cause algae growth. Pondbrite also lowers toxicity by allowing sequestration of heavy metals and ammonia that could be detrimental to aquatic life. Pondbrite is easy to use, safe for humans and wild animals and creates a beneficial environment for fish.

    The product is very easy to use and may be handled without danger.

    Use Bioaugmentation with Pondbrite to:

    • Reduce BOD and COD
    • Break down faecal and other organic waste in the water
    • Maintain clarity
    • Reduce ammonia and other toxins
    • Reduce TSS and organic sludge
    • Prevent malodours
    • Control algae
    • Remove nitrogen

    Yield guide: 500gram pack will treat a 20m2 pond for 9 weeks.

    Price is per tub. Pack Sizes: 250g and 500g


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  2. Fragile Earth Aquaclean Pond Cleaner (bio-augmentation)

    Fragile Earth Aquaclean Pond Cleaner (bio-augmentation)


    Aquaclean Pond Cleaner (Granular Powder) Fish Safe

    Ready to use. 250g and 500g packs. 500-gram pack treats up to 625,000 Litres

    Aquaclean natural pond cleaner is formulated for use in controlling pond scum, algae and odour that commonly plague lakes and ponds. Aquaclean works in the entire water column as well as the bottom sludge layers. Aquaclean is environmentally safe and is not harmful to fish, humans, plants and animals.

    Aquaclean is easy to use. Simply apply at regular intervals or as required during the algae season. Aquaclean is NOT an algaecide and no applicator's permit or license is necessary.

    DOSING GUIDE. First, calculate the maintenance dose. For every 5,000 Litres, this should be 4-8 grams per week depending on the accumulation of algae and organic matter. For example, a 3,000-Litre pond will require a maintenance dose of between 2.4 and 4.8 grams depending on how dirty the water is.

    Note: A teaspoon is approximately 4 grams.

    In the first week dose three times the calculated maintenance dose as calculated above. In the second week, dose two times the maintenance dose. Thereafter dose with the maintenance rate for the rest of the season - usually March to October.

    Highly effective natural algae treatment. Removes blanket weed and blue-green algae. Don't forget that as the temperature rises during the days of spring and summer that algae and blanket weed grow faster.

    The best selling natural pond algae control.

    See why our customers with algae problems return every year and have no more algae problems. Don't forget, anyone can use Aquaclean; no chemicals and no operator's licence or permit required.

    Price is per tub. sizes 250g & 500g.


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