Burnit Pellet Burning Boiler (price includes hopper) 15kW, 25kW & 40kW Models

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gggThe BURNiT PelleBurn from Sunsystem is an affordable, highly efficient quality Pellet Boiler that meets all EU and UK emission test standards. Being an MCS accredited product makes it applicable for grants under the Renewable Heat Incentive  (RHI) for Domestic & Commercial applications.

It’s an intelligent, autonomous machine that does not require any interaction during its normal operational hours. The ranges include a 25kW, 30kW & 40kW boiler, all of which come with the appropriate Auger and a 500Ltr Hopper. The variety of these sizes allow for any particular model to be finely setup to match any particular heating system, making sure that it runs at its optimal efficiency, allowing for minimal fuel consumption. These efficiencies can far exceed the 91% stated.

The combustion element of the boiler is controlled electronically and modulates the pellet burner operation to match the needs of the heating system, allowing the boiler to operate in safety. Internal thermostats will give the customer complete assurance knowing that should the boiler over heat, the burner and air intake fan would shut down. This prevents any abnormal temperature increases.

Biomass has possibly been over looked in the past, as it might have been seen as a very expensive fuel or the overall equipment and installation costs were too high. With the BURNiT PelleBurn range of boilers, installing Biomass will not only be more affordable, but will also earn you a sizeable income over 7 or 20 years. Payback times will be even earlier compared to some of the more establish brands on the market.”

MCS accredited with RHI emissions certificate Approved acc. to EN – 303-5 - class 5.


Qualifies for RHI

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Product Features

  • Fully automated operation
  • High-tech construction design, cylindrical shape of the boiler body
  • MCU controller:

    - Fully automated ignition and pellet feed;
    - Self-cleaning function;
    - Controls the operation of  the circulation pump of the central heating and the pump of the domestic hot water (DHW);
    - A weekly timer;
    - ARM microprocessor;

  • Pellet Burner Pell pull-out system for convenient maintenance.
  • Built in discharge mechanism drives the ash into a rolling container
  • Two fans assist the combustion process
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • Fuel hopper FH with alternative mounting on the left or right side of the boiler
  • Eyepiece for monitoring of combustion process

Safety devices:

  • The CPU controller alerts in case of abnormal temperature rise
  • STB thermostat reacts to increased operating temperature and shuts down the fan


  1. Boiler housing;
  2. Double high efficiency thermal insulation;
  3. Flue;
  4. Flue gas extraction fan;
  5. Automatic cleaning system;
  6. Fume exhaust tube;
  7. Water mantle;
  8. Combustion chamber;
  9. Ash-discharging system;
  10. Rolling Ash container;
  11. Pellet burner Pell with pull-out system;
  12. Controller;


  1. Pellet-load hatch with support
  2. Side panels
  3. Auger mounting side-panel opening
  4. Pellet-guide plates
  5. Auger holder
  6.  Pellet-colecting bottom
  7.  Foundation
  8.  Guide plate gasket



  1. Pellet burner Pell 25;
  2. Flexible connection;
  3. Electric motor;
  4. Automatic pellet-feeding auger;
  5. Feeder chute;
  6. Internal auger of burner;
  7. Combustion chamber housing;
  8. Combustion chamber;
  9. Automatic cleaning system;


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