Burnit PyroBurn Lambda Gasifying Wood Boiler (30kW)

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A highly-efficient wood gasifying boiler, designed for economical and ecological heating of living and industrial spaces.

The PyroBurn Lambda boiler provides intuitive operation interface, “Lambda” oxygen sensor and heat output regulation as well as sophisticated safety systems. Fully compliant with RHI emissions certificate.

Ideal for larger domestic applications and commercial instalations. 


Qualifies for RHI 

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Product Features:

  • The smart CPU control unit drives carbon emissions to minimum. Capability to control the components of a complex heating system.
  • Lambda oxygen sensor
  • Exhaust gas sensor
  • Open boiler door sensor prevents from smoke pollution when refueling
  • Fine regulation mechanism of the air flow driven by two step motors
  • Flue gas extraction fan
  • Cleaning device
  • Large firebox door ensures easy loading (length of logs up to 50 cm)
  • Combustion chamber protected on all sides by high-heat-resistant concrete plates

Safety devices

  1. The fan is electronically controlled in accordance with  the water and flue gas temperatures (STB thermostat);
    2) Safety evacuator - a water-filled circuit passes through the upmost part of the boiler body. In case of overheating it may be triggered open by a thermostatic valve (not included) to evacuate the heat off the boiler.*
    3) Pressure relief valve 3 bar.

* This device must be connected to the water supply by means of a thermostatic valve.

Approved for compliance with EN - 303-5 - class 5.



  1. Control unit
  2. Safety heat evacuator
  3. Thermal wool insulation
  4. Mantle
  5. Wood-loading chamber
  6. Gasification chamber
  7. Cleaning device
  8. Flue gas sensor
  9. “Lambda” oxygen sensor
  10. Flue
  11. Flue gas extraction fan
  12. Primary air flap<
  13. Step electric motor (actuator)
  14. Secondary air flap
  15. Cold water inle
  16. Hot water outlet

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