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HYG-R Single Coil Tank

HYG_R2 Twin Coil Tank

The HYG range of tanks are for production and storage of hot water for space heating and domestic sanitary hot water It is an easy to install two-in-one solution and depending upon model chosed, it allows utilization of up to 3 external heat sources, 2 direct and 1 indirect, and an internal electrical back-up heater (separately supplied as an add-on and installed locally).

The domestic water heats up instantaneously as it flows through the large surface stainless steel coil;Thus water is delivered hot while still fresh and clean.

Please note these items are on a 3 week lead time, delivered direct to site, carrriage paid

Product Features

  • Range of volumes of 500/20, 800/33, 1000/33, 1500/49 liters
  • Coil type DHW tank of stainless steel. The domestic water is heated in a coiled tube of stainless steel with excellent heat exchanging and sanitary qualities.
    Due to the instant heating principle applied, the produced hot water is free from depositions.
    The coil material AISI316L is a guarantee for no contaminations in the water.
  • Primer coated on the outside
  • CFC free soft PU-foam insulation with thickness of 100 mm and PVC coating in RAL 9006 or other colors on demand
  • All threads are internal
  • HYG-R comes with a single heat exchanger coil for connection to an external source
  • HYG-R2 comes with twin heat exchanger coils for connection to two external sources 
  • Option for installing an electrical heating element as a back-up source of heat


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