Rainclear Infinity Galvanised Steel Half Round Gutter 3 Metre Length

Rainclear Infinity Galvanised Steel Half Round Gutter 3 Metre Length

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How to buy online

All related components are listd on the Galvanised Steel & Colour Coated Steel Page so you will find everything you need in one place. This includes connectors, brackets, fixings, outlets, hoppers etc. etc.

Rainclear Infinity Galvanised Steel and robust colour coated products all come with a standard 15-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

If you are still not sure then call on the number above and speak to one of our friendly staff who will be happy to help.

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How to buy online

All the related components for the gutters are listed on the Galvanised Steel & Colour Coated Steel product page-  if you are not sure or cannot find what you are looking for then call one of our helpful staff on the number above. This includes angles, brackets, outlets, stop ends etc. etc.

Before creating an order it is often worth reading the Rainclear Infinity Galvanised Steel guides to work out exactly what you will need - Find the brochure and installation guides with these links.

If in doubt or you just need a hand, please call – we are here to help

Infinity Galvanised Steel Guttering Product features

  • Internal single seamed downpipe technology
  • Unobtrusive seam welded outlets
  • Patented single seam offset bends
  • Fully drawn single piece 90degree gutter angles
  • High capacity deep-flow gutter profile

Benefits of Infinity Galvanised Steel

  • Lightweight, stylish and strong
  • Stable material with only 1.2mm/m*100k thermal expansion
  • Easy to install dry-jointed rubber lined gutter union
  • Low maintenance system with no need to repaint
  • Push-fit stop-ends with EPDM rubber seal
  • Steel is a malleable material therefore it will not crack over time
  • Fascia brackets: short-backed for shallow fascia or longer-backed ones with pre-formed security tabs
  • Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable
  • Wrap around gutter outlets for complete flexibility or prefabricated ones for ease of install (not tools required)

The Infinity galvanised steel guttering system offers a superior finish to a roofline that cannot be matched by other systems. Available in a wide range of colours which are UV stable and will not fade. The high quality system is ideal for both new build and renovation projects that demand a quality finish. Infinity is competitively priced and is very easy to install.

The 4-layer colour coating

The innovative coating system is extremely hard wearing and consists of four layers of protection

  1. Galvanised steel core
  2. Zinc / Magnesium corrosion protection layer 
  3. Primer bonding coat adds further corrosion protection
  4. Polyester top coat for maximum UV and scratch resistance

The surface coating is UV and scratch resistant and has been formally performance tested as follows:

  • Scratch resistant to >_30 N in accordance to EN123523-12-2004
  • UV resistant RUV 4 in accordance with EN10169-2

Additional colours are available to order but will be subject to longer lead-times and colour surcharges.

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