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Steico Special Dry Wood Fibre Insulation Sarking & Sheathing Board



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Steico Special Dry is a stocked product, but it requires an oversize pallet to transport so is not available to buy online. Please call us for carriage rates.

To order please call 01793 847 444 or email

Steico Special is a versatile and highly efficient external insulation, water resistant board. Declared thermal conductivity 0.041W/m2K  Density 140Kg/m3

For use on roofs and external walls for either new build or renovation projects.

The board gives multiple benefits

  1. wind-proof layer
  2. T&G Profile
  3. Excellent phase shift - decrement delay - see diagram in product description for values
  4. secondary water-resisting layer
  5. additional insulation layer
  6. FSC® chain of custody certified, recyclable 

Store Steico Special Dry boards lying flat and must be stored in a dry place. Protect edges against damage. Remove packing only when the board is ready to be installed. Ecomerchant can deliver to site on time to minimise storage and handling issues.  When ordering please allow 2-3 days for delivery.

Board Dimensions  1880mm x 600mm.  Tongue and groove profile to all 4 sides.  Coverage per board is approximately 1.06 m2

Price is per board

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Steico Special Dry wood fibre insulation sheathing boards for ecological breathable new build, renovations & conversions

These Steico Special Dry boards are ideal for walls and roofs and have extra durability provided by the T&G profile.

Steico Special Dry is available in the following sizes:

Thickness mm

Board coverage mm

Weight kg / m2

Pieces per pallet

Pallet coverage m2

Pallet weight kg



1855 x 575






1855 x 575






1855 x 575






1855 x 575




360(approx.) Non-stock, Full pallets only

Steico Special Dry is designed for building onto timber frames or joists before applying battens for cladding or tiles etc.


  •  These eco-friendly insulation boards are multi-functional giving a triple benefit: wind tight, water resistant and heat insulating

  •  Economical construction and simple installation

  •  This insulation roof board can be directly attached to the rafter without further support

  •  This wall insulation gives excellent heat insulation qualities with one layer

  •  Steico Special Dry external insulation board gives high heat protection during summer months

  •  These insulation panels prevent thermal bridging

  •  This sheet insulation is water vapour open and is suitable for warm roofs

  •  Steico Special Dry provides effective protection against wind, dust, moisture, and sound

  •  Steico Special Dry is an eco-friendly insulation board made of wood fibres

  •   Sourced from sustainable forests and is recyclable at the end of its lifetime


Steico Special Dry Wood fibre insulation sheathing board produced in accordance with EN 13171 and with ongoing quality supervision. The wood comes solely from sustainably cultivated forests.

Produced and supervised according to EN 13171 and EN 13986

Board designation

WF – EN 13171 – T3 – CS(10\Y)70 –

TR10 – WS1,0 – AF100

Edge design

Tongue and groove profiles on all 4 edges

Fire class according to EN 13501-1


Declared thermal conductivity λD [ W / ( m*K )]


Declared thermal resistance Rd [(m2*K)/W]

1.45 (60mm), 1.95 (80mm), 2.40 (100mm), 2.90 (120mm),

Density [kg / m3]

Ca. 140

Water vapour diffusion resistance factor μ


Sd value [m]

0.18 (60mm), 0.24 (80mm), 0.3 (100mm), 0.35 (120mm),

Specific heat capacity [J / (kg*K)]


Minimum compression strength

10% deformation σ10 [N / mm2]


Minimum compression strength [ kPa ]


Tensile strength perpendicular

to Board level [kPa]

≥ 10

Declared level of airflow resistance [( kPa*s ) / m2]

≥ 100

Raw material – natural resin

wood fibre, polyurethane resin, paraffin wax

Waste code (EAK)

030105 / 170201

Performance configurations for maximum phase shift - with U values

Steico rigid wood fibre board phase shift and U value


Safe, fast, economical. When renovating a roof on the exterior, weathering protection of the interior has to be ensured from the very start. Steico Special Dry is laid out in a continuous pattern and directly applied on top of the rafters in a single layer.

Tongue and groove on all four sides guarantee wind tightness.

Due to the special rebate on roof pitches > 18°, they are also water resistant and do not require extra taping of the regular joints.

Fixing of the boards are secured by fastening through counter-battening.

Wide spans are possible without additional support under the boards. Forming a makeshift roof, the boards are exposed to direct weathering; therefore controlled water removal must be ensured.

Steico Special Dry wood fibre insulation boards are made from timber supplied from sustainably source forests

Confused as to which insulating board you should be using? Please call our friendly and knowledgeable sales office on 01793 847 444 or email your enquiry to

  1. Amazing stuff to work with Review by Mario

    I am amazed how easy this is to cut and fit, and already making a big difference on the insulation, thanks for the advice. (Posted on 03/02/2017)

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