CSK Insulation fixing screws (for wood)

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High quality fixings designed to go into wood and stud work.

To be used with 60mm hinge capped insulation retaining washer. To be used with woodfibre boards from 60mm - 240mm thick.

Price is per box of 200 (fixings over 150mm long are 100 per box)

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High quality fixings to go through insulation into woodwork or studwork to be used with the 60mm capped insulation retaining washer, which is recommended with the use of wood fibre boards from 60mm up to 240mm thickness's.

The ideal screw for fixing insulation to timber. Reduced self drill point allows this screw to be a real allrounder and can be used in various washer and tube designs for fixing different insulation thickness's.

Designed for:

Fixing rigid insulation boards in conjunction with " 60mm Hinged Capped Washer" system. Can also be used with other washer systems.

Head Style:

Counter Sunk

Recess Type


Thread Type:

Full Thread


Hardened Steel


Yellow Tropicalised, Lubricated

Point type:

25° Self Tapping, (with thread running to the end)

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