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Steico Therm (S/E) Internal - Wood Fibre Insulation Board

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Steico Therm rigid insulation board is made from natural wood fibres and is suitable for wall applications and it can also be used as sub screed insulation (please ask us for technical guidance for sub screed use)

Easy and fast fixing wood fibre board with superior insulating properties in both summer and winter. High compressive strength, water vapour open (helps regulate the indoor climate of a building) fire resistant.

FSC® accredited, ecologically friendly, recyclable.

The board has a light side (machine sanded in the factory) and a darker unsanded side, the lighter side is the plaster carrying face.

1350mm x 600mm each board covers 0.81m2

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Steico Therm is a rigid thermal insulation board made from sustainably sourced natural wood fibres for application in roof, wall and floor systems.

Steico Therm woodfibre insulation board is available in the following options:

Thickness mm

Dimensions mm

Weight per sheet kgs

Maximum sheets Pallet


1350 x 600




1350 x 600




1350 x 600




1350 x 600




1350 x 600



This insulation material is water vapour open, which means that water vapour can pass through it without hinderance. If you have a house built with lime mortar, this can be a critical factor in deciding which insulating materials you need to use to insulate your house.  With most houses built before 1920, builders relied on the heat within the house to force any excess moisture to the outside. Lime is breathable so the moisture would "breathe" out through the walls. If you apply something like polystyrene to the inside wall of this type of house, then moisture could become trapped and start causing the likes of mold and mildew.  By correctly setting this eco friendly board to a wall built with lime mortar and plastered with lime plaster, the structure can continue to breathe as it should and you will get an up-grade to the thermal performance of your house.

Steico Therm is a square edged wood fibre board that has many uses in eco friendly homes.  Predominantly sold by Ecomerchant for internal wall insulation, it is can also be used to infil between rafters and joists Although Steico Flex would be better for this. We have also had customers scribe the board to fit between odd shaped supporting up-rights of barn conversions and old timber timber framed houses to help with insulating the properties. Whilst this board will not give an exceptional upgrade to thermal properties, adding a 40mm thick board to a 225mm solid brick wall would give an approximate 4 fold increase in thermal capacity of the total wall (estimated figure based on a certain wall makeup please call to see what your upgrade will make).


  • Steico Therm has high compression strength
  • Steico Therm has high heat protection during summer months (absorbs heat from the sun and give it off when it gets cooler)
  • Steico Therm has excellent insulation qualities
  • Steico Therm is water vapour open
  • Steico Therm helps to regulate the indoor climate, due to its long phase shift it will help with summer cooling as well as winter insulation.
  • Steico Therm is an eco-friendly insulation board
  • Steico Therm rigid insulation board is recyclable
  • Steico Therm is an accredited heat insulation material

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  • Wood fibre insulation board produced in accordance with EN 13171 with ongoing quality supervisio
  • The wood comes solely from sustainably cultivated forest<

Produced and supervised according to EN 13171

Board designation

WF – EN 13171 – T3 – CS(10 \ Y)40 –TR2,5 – AF 100

Edge profile

square edged

Fire class according to EN 13501-1


Declared thermal conductivity λD [ W / ( m * K )]


Declared thermal resistance RD [( m2 * K ) / W]

0.5 / 1.0 / 1.5 /2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0

Density [kg / m3]


Water vapour diffusion resistance factor μ


Sd value [m]

0.1 / 0.2 / 0.3 / 0.4 / 0.5 / 0.6 / 0.7 / 0.8

Specific heat capacity c [J / (kg * K)]


Minimum compression strength at10 % deformation σ10 [N / mm2]


Minimum compression strength [kPa]


Tensile strength perpendicular to face ^ [kPa]

≥ 2.5

Declared level of airflow resistance [( kPa*s ) / m2]

≥ 100

Raw material

wood fibre, bond between layers

Waste code (EAK)

030105 / 170201

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